Dredmor 1.1.3 Beta Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Nicholas, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Fixed in 1.1.4 RC2 (6/4/2013):

    - FIXED: Dual wielding items could cause infinite status buffs.
    - "Conversion" support. Items can now augment existing item definitions if they exist. See the mod request thread for syntax.
    - FIXED: (this is fixed in this beta but I forgot) monsters attacking your summons left over from another level.

    Fixed in 1.1.4 RC1:

    - All bugs with Diggles digging, including crashing due to the Golden Ratio, digging in the tutorial, and digging in appropriately out of pens and staging areas.

    EDIT: ACTUAL WORKING Beta 3 here: http://patches.gaslampgames.com/dredmor/dredmor_113_beta3_really.zip

    Extract *over* test2.


    - FIXED: random crash w/aquatic monster spawning on entering a new room

    Current Beta here: http://patches.gaslampgames.com/dredmor/dredmor_113_test2.zip

    Note: back to not being a Steam build.


    - FIXED: mods with cooldown skills not working
    - FIXED: bug with Essence's Essential Skills Pack where kung fuing a door will crash to desktop
    - FIXED: Diggles digging sound now plays.
    - FIXED: achievements button misaligned
    - FIXED: Steamworks support for x86 Linux
    - FIXED: other issues w/x86 and AMD64 Linux builds (for VALVETIME)
    - FIXED: Using the Lutefisk Cube on itself in the Pocket Dimension is now Even Cuter.
    - FIXED: diggles digging all the damned time (on the first level)

    New Features:

    - Diggles finally digging.
    - Multiple scrollbars.
    - FIXED: Inventory filters.
    - FIXED: Wand repair achievement.
    - FIXED: some monsters can no longer yield XP/treasure/zorkmids
    - FIXED: crust tooltips not showing negative damage buffs.
    - FIXED: Steam publisher.
    - FIXED: skills can now require you to have a certain sort of weapon (or shield!) equipped.
    - FIXED: held item may disappear when trying to pick up item
    - FIXED: stupid broken teaser graffiti
    - FIXED: some other stuff?
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    What? Dungeons of Dredmor is evolving!
    Du-dun, du-duun, du-du-du-dun.
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    Uhm. Boy are those spellbar changing buttons on the small side. On a related note, are those hooked up to any hotkeys for switching, or is it all mouse-driven?
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  5. Vitellozzo

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    I just saw the digglets doing digglin thingies.
    Man, it is so awesome.
    Now I know what is lacking in the werediggle tree. A burrow-then attack thing. Kekekeke.
    :edit: I was playing with a gish character a while ago, on DL2. I've turned off every mod (but the ones for phenomenes and talky monsters) just to look better at the vanilla Dredmor. Then I've discovered the first zoo of the character. Woah, time to focus on the fight.
    I've waited the first mobs, shooting some Deathly Hexes to them, until I was in melee range. In three turns after my first melee strike, and for three consecutive turns, one new Enraged Diggle showed up. Behind me. Drilling through the floor. Suddenly, I had to fight more monsters than I expected at first, from way more directions. Diggles have outsmarted me.
    I survived the zoo, and I'm still alive. I'm a sparkly vampire, after all.

    Btw, why don't you put some penalities for wielding a weapon you don't have the matching skill? There are tomes and orbs and shields to those who don't want a weapon, and when you chose a weapon skill tree there is ALWAYS a weapon of another kind which gives you high damage/stat input. With a penality those weapon could be less attrative, thus you can remain loyal to your skill trees (and your background).
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  6. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    V, the game had the penalties you mention a long time ago. Everyone agreed it was lame and the devs removed.

    Also, monsters are showing their HP/MaxHP in their mouseover text now. FLY!

    Also, I <3 Multiple Skillbars!!
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    So, I notice we can see monster HP now. Fun! Quick question about that, though: From a design standpoint, would it be better for the everyday Our Hero to be able to see that, or should it be a -debug-flag only display?

    It probably doesn't matter too much, but I was wondering if there are opinions either way.
  8. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Also, I didn't read and started it without Steam active. Seems to work just fine.

    For modders: interestingly, they decided to add the necessity for weapons as an element in SpellDB rather than SkillDB. It takes the form of an addition to the <requirements> tag, as in <requirements weapon="2"> (where the number is the weapon type from itemDB -- shields, however, are <requirements shield="1">). That means that stat bonuses from the weapon skills are still weapon-dependent like always (hardcoded style, sadly). Now, however, it's totally possible to make spells that can only be activated if you have the correct equipment equipped.

    Dual Wield still doesn't have a <requirements dual="1">, so stuff like Offensive Maneuvering will still proc with an orb and a tome equipped.

    Someone care to test whether Orbs and Tomes set off Shield Mastery? :)
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    Steam cloud just nuked all my files. I play between two computers and this is the second time it has happened. Someone in the steam forums explained how you can toggle steam cloud in the XML since the feature is not listed under the updates tab like it is for many other games.

    It is probably too much to ask for a smarter system that checks timestamps/progress, but could we at least get an easier way to deal with this? Maybe a toggle on the launcher?\

    Edit - It is definitely my fault and I don't know what I am doing but still, if it isn't to hard, it would be nice.
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    So I have been playing a new character and the digging diggles are awesome.
    The fact that they can unburrow AND attack if you are adjacent seems almost game breaking. No other monster can move into a square next to you and then get an attack in the same turn.

    How do they decide where to come up? As a Player I would like to have some strategy involved. I see them go down and have no idea if it would be smart to hold still, go to where they left, or go off in a different direction. Having half the diggles in a zoo burrow and pop up everywhere (with an attack move) seems a bit nuts.
    I haven't been deep enough, but do monster diggles do this too?
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  11. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Got my ass pwned by a boss Hungry Diggle on floor 6. I hit it with my Wand of Laser and it vanished. I was all like "corpse draining thyme!", when I noticed there was no corpse. Four turns later, the SOB pops up next to me and drills my sorry ass ... RIP. Neat trick, Diggle. Never again will I let that shit catch me off guard. Until the next time.

    For the record, though, there are a few other monsters that can move next to you and attack in one turn: Treants and Rutabega both have dash attacks.

    Also throwing in my plea for a skillbar swapping hotkey. Ctrl+up/down?
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  12. Wootah

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    Yes, but the dash is predictable. Right now there is nothing predictable about diggles. And while one can cause problems 5+ of them can mean death because they can pop up all around you (while you are fighting/kiting other stuff no less) and hit you in the same turn.

    right now when a boss diggle burrows(or a group of diggles) I book it like crazy in the opposite already discovered direction and hope nothing pops out next to me.
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  13. Vitellozzo

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    Fear the diggle.
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  14. Lorrelian

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    Sounds like you have your anti-digging diggle strategy right there.
  15. Wootah

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    It is work in progress, it would be better if the behavior were slightly predictable. I probably don't have enough time to test it through 15 dungeon floors before release but I suspect that we are going to hear about a lot more deaths from diggles.
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    Ain't it fun :) A challenging Diggle is something I want to fight :)
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    FEATURE REQUEST: could you please, please make the minimap movable like the other game windows?
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    Any way I could get a report on what is causing the crash on going down a level with the vaults of Maslech beta 7-8 build. The crash report and the corresponding save are my uploads.

    Never mind, I figured out what was causing the crash.

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    I like the multiple action bars! I did notice that the Lucky Pick is still door-only (I know it wasn't in the notes but I was still hopeful). I can't complain about lockpicking, though, since on the vast majority of my playthroughs I'll still end up with enough picks for all the chests.

    Time to try a Clockwork Knight build and get trounced by digging Diggles!

    *Edit: I guess the XP values for It Belongs in a Museum were adjusted too? Seems to be multiples of 48 or so for EE, and 37.5 for DM?
  20. borsook

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    Chronomantic Twist still doesn't do what it says, effectively it just stuns enemies with no consequence to the player