Dreamfall Chapters

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Loerwyn, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Loerwyn

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    I love The Longest Journey. I liked Dreamfall.

    I just pledged $75 towards Dreamfall Chapters

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    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    I want to back this but.... blah. I dunno. TLJ was great - Dreamfall was kind of, not. It had so little gameplay to it :\
  3. Loerwyn

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  4. jadkni

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    Gameplay is secondary to my ginormous mancrush on Ragnar and the amazing storytelling in TLJ.
  5. jadkni

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    Not sure who's following this project, but after 5 days the goal is almost met. Wow. If you'd told me that Chapters was going to be announced and go into development in 2013 one year ago I'd think you were crazy.
  6. Godwin

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    Backed it yes, came across it when it had just started. I am a bit sad that Ragnar Törnquist and Martin Bruusgaard left The Secret World to be honest... on the other hand, while I really do like The Secret World I just don't get around playing it (I should probably become part of a Cabal if I wanted to, but... too little time anyways :)), and I really LOVED The Longest Journey, and I found Dreamfall great as well... but still prefer April Ryan and her game to Zoe Castillo's.

    Also it is now funded :p
  7. Loerwyn

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    I've withdrawn my pledge for the moment, because I'm still really not sure I want to put $75 down and I've also got little idea how much money I'll get paid.

    And then between this payday and the next is Brutal Legend and Tomb Raider (which I'm getting a little sceptical about, I'll admit), so we'll see. I might end up just pledging $20 and then hoping that Red Thread release a lot of the extras with the GOG edition.