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    Hey guys! I've been working on a Homestuck Themed DoD mod on and off for the past few months, and I think now I'm ready to show the first version of it. If you want some more information, I made a couple lengthy posts about the mod on my blog, here, here, and here. I admit I haven't really been paying attention to the Modding scene, so I'd like to hear what some more experienced people have to say.

    • "Hipsterology" skilltree, beacuse you were playing Dungeons of Dredmor before it was cool.
    • Caledscratch family of craftible items.
    • "True Alchemy", use Grist to alchemize new crafting materials!
    >Reader: Download Dreadstuck V1_05
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    Looks cool! but I recommend adding some description of what it actually adds (that's not on a separate site, and even there it was kinda vague)
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    Done and done.
  4. so, why exactly does flash step net me +7 forge again? Aside from that, i'm liking the concept so far.
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    Whoops, looks like I forgot to fix that.

    I'll try to upload a fixed version later today.
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    I like Hipsterolgy, but I think this mod needs more....spidertroll.

    and, maybe a dice family of items that do random things when you throw them?

    And, a luck based Vriska themed skillset with skills with names like All the Irons in the Fire, Vision Sevenfold, and Ancestral Heritage?

    Can't wait to see what you do with it. Also, if you know how, perhaps do a Diggle God of Hussieism?
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    Are you planning a Problem Sleuth mod? Because I think having Sleuth Diplomacy would be pimp.
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    Maybe? At the very least I'm going to make the Fluorite Octet, since it's a crafting component for the Pop-A-Matic Vrillyhoo Hammer. The problem with making dice items is that we only know about one of Vriska's dice weapons.

    As for a skillset, I was planning on changing the names and pictures for piracy. But the idea of a luck-based skillset sounds promising; perhaps I'll give it a bit more thought.


    Probably not a dedicated problem sleuth mod, but I do plan on adding Problem Sleuth related items at some point.

    Anyway, my biggest obsticle to getting this complete is the spritework. I can make items and stuff on my own, but anything more complicated than that (such as monsters) takes a lot more time. If anyone's willing to pitch in, please let me know.
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    Well, time to try out Hipsterology and Chronomancy together, with some Sword Mastery, Dual Wielding, Smithing, and then Burglary and Archaeology because I always pick those. Let's see how this goes.
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    Alright, so I've played to Floor 3 so far, my thoughts:
    • Flashstep is really, really, really, REALLY good. Especially for a Level 0 Skill. The "No Mana" thing isn't even really a downside to Warriors or Rogues, the ones who would be the most likely users of this skillset
    • Unbelievably Ill Jams, the :trap_sense: and :trap_level: reduction really isn't a downside when you're in a fight, especially since you can just click it off whenever.
    • Lil' Cal seems to have a ton of health, although I haven't gotten very deep down yet, it seems a little strong for a skill you can potentially get after just two level-ups.
    • Blogster's downside is in no way, shape, or form proportional to its benefits. Either make the :dodge: MUCH higher, or replace the :sight: reduction with something else. The :trap_sense: and :trap_level: reduction is even more pointless here, because you already get taken down to one :sight:.
    • I feel like the capstone should be more than "Whoop de doo, you can have 6 :smithing: now," there are plenty of other mods out there that require and can let you get to even higher levels of Smithing. Keep it in there for those who are using the mod on its own, but there really should be something more, especially considering the name "Pimpslayer".
    I like the whole idea, but it really needs a lot more polish and thought. Oh, and is there any particular reason why the Scarlet Ribbitar requires the starting sword instead of a Broken Ribbitar? It seems strange to me. That and the starting sword is a bit too powerful.
  12. Applicable to most of your skills:
    Other than that, your mod was so interesting it made me go find out what Homestuck is and start reading, so thanks!
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    I like the idea. I'll probably try it when it gets either more polished, more character-based skilltrees, or both, assuming OP is still working on it.
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    Suggestion: The Red Ribbitar should be a secret recipe, findable in libraries; the last skill of your hipster tree should give you the recipe (just like clockwork knight). I also agree, the last rank should do more than give 1 point in smithing; there's so many ways to obtain it, including consumables and items.

    Last thing; for an ultimate weapon, the Ribbitar is kind of underwhelming. There's plenty of swords out there that do 30+ damage. You should maybe add some stats to it, like dodge, counter, critical, nimbleness, or caddishness. Then again, aside from the Grist, it doesn't seem that hard to craft. Speaking of which.. I still don't know how to get Grist. One of the skills?
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    Um dude.

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    Heh. Thread necromancy. That's what I get for posting this on the Twitter.

    I'm sure somebody will take up the reins, though. *how* many MLP mods do we have right now...?
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    Three, I think?
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    Long time no see! I've been busy with so many other things at the moment, but I did take the time to upload Dreadstuck to the Steam Workshop! And while I can't make any promises on when the next version is going to be done, but I do have a plan for what will come next: Rifleworks!

    Rifleworks is going to be a Jade Harley themed ranged skillset containing single-target attacks with varied effect.

    After that: Prankster's Gambit, a John Egbert Melee skillset that buffs the player and debuffs enemies at the same time.

    Finally, I need to do something Rose-themed, but since Necronomiconimics already covers her domain I'm at a loss as to what it should be. Any suggestions?
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    The real question is how many will we have before somebody does a total MLP conversion of dredmor.