Double my Tomes, double my fun?

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  1. My unarmed rogue just found a second tome of Universal Principles. If I equip two tomes, does it increase the chance of the mage's circle effect- e.g., does the game check twice?

    (I'm trying to decide whether it's better to equip both tomes, for extra offense, or keep my mirror shield equipped- that reflection is mighty handy deep in the dungeon!)
  2. Warlock

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    Yes, I think it does check twice. Though strictly speaking I have never equipped two tomes at once myself. :) You're better off with the mirror shield (or the mirror darkly shield if you can procure one) until you hit the last floor.
  3. Daynab

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    Yes, I believe the proc chance doubles (or at least is checked twice).
  4. Aegho

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    I love double toming... mind you I've got my little library mod running as well. I know for sure you can proc both tomes on the same attack. (It gets very obvious with some of my mod tomes).
  5. Well, neat! I'll start playing around with the double-tome action. I've noticed that past level 11 or so, lots of critters resist the stunning effect. But maybe with two I can really do some damage.
  6. Catbread

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    Semi-related: We need a tome-oriented skill tree. So much potential there. Throw the book at 'em.

    "Take a look, it's in a book."
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    You do realize that for the tomes to get their own skills, they'd have to get a slight nerf on their own, right?

    Not that I'm against the idea... More skill trees means more fun, and tomes are fun to use.
  8. "Reading. It's fundamental."
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  9. Nikolai

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    This might sound crazy, but how about making a weapon skill out of Tomes? It might be oriented for wizards, and could encompass orbs as well.

    While this might've been done before, I had an idea for a skill that debuffs enemies/grants a buff/selects flavor of syrup/does something based on the highest of your elemental damage/resistance. So, if your highest damage was voltaic, you'd get an effect based on that. One based on resistances could be another skill separately.

    It could be as simple as a projectile attack, like a simple bolt of flame.

    That'd have obvious relation to tomes themselves (as well as adding gameplay to other sources of these damage types), but I'm not sure what orbs would have in store, since they generally do the same thing, except better than the last one. Maybe an orb would enable a sort of attack, or something.

    Among the many problems this would have, one of them is the obvious synergy with unarmed combat, unless we disallow unarmed combat bonuses from having more than one orb or tome equipped. You could force the player to have at least one hand open for that. But that messes with existing game mechanics, so... yeah.

    Maybe one of the ideas in that mess up there will inspire someone else to come up with a good one, though. :D
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  10. Kazeto

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    I will repeat it once again:

    "You do realize that for the tomes to get their own skills, they'd have to get a slight nerf on their own, right?

    Not that I'm against the idea... More skill trees means more fun, and tomes are fun to use."
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  11. Wolg

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    Perhaps true. Still, the idea of a Librarian skill (Silence, Book Return, Throw The Book At Them, Reference Section, etc) might have something to it.
  12. Nikolai

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    Yes? I don't think anyone here has objections to this, or is contesting it. I also don't believe any of my ideas countermanded the fact.

    Although... depending on how the skill is made, this might not be the case at all. See: Master of Arms which is only themed around wearing armor, and has some tangential synergy off of using it (buffs that proc on getting hit). This is kinda lame though, and looks to be fixed next patch. But is heavy armor being nerfed next patch now that the skill is [supposedly] becoming dependent on actually wearing armor?

    Tomes could impart a -:nimbleness: debuff or something, I suppose, much like orbs. But that changes what Tomes are meant to do, I think. Not that I know for sure, but I'm pretty sure Tomes are meant to enhance ranged attacks as well as give incentive not to just do dual wielding or shield bearer.

    ... come to think of it, orb/tome wielding could very well be an "off-hand weapon" skill, in the vein of the aforementioned dual wielding and shield bearer. It could include things that benefit warriors (keeping in line with what I think Tomes were meant to do in the first place) as well as have wizard-oriented things. Obviously this would also be quite a gish skill, but that's just incidental I think.

    But yes. Nerfs all around. Maybe make the proc chance lower and increase it with the skill, or something. I'll let the devs figure it out, they're better at this than me.
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  13. Catbread

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    I always figured tomes were meant to be a Rogue offhand, since the other offhand options are :nimbleness:-reducing shields and orbs, and tomes frequently provide a bunch of raw damage and damaging effects.
  14. OmniaNigrum

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    Rather than just ask for a Tomes skill, why not come up with a proposed skillset for the aforementioned skillset?

    I propose a nice proc on hit (Both ways) early in the line and a capstone that doubles the proc.

    Note that we cannot actually make a proper Tome skill since tomes are considered shields in the game at current. Once this changes we can make one. But sadly Gaslamp will have to make Tomes a class of item of their own. We simply cannot do it.

    What we can currently do is come up with and discuss balance issues regarding our proposed skill for Tomes.

    By the way Aegho, your Librarian mod is made of concentrated win and we love you for it! :)
    (If there were a title/badge for resident forum troll and brown-noser, I would have it without contest.)
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  15. Nikolai

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    I considered dual-wielding a rogue thing as rogues are good at getting loot (perception for making the weapon, five-finger for stealing it and lockpicks for more chests), as it also gives what rogues go for: counter. The second weapon improves damage, too.

    As for why I didn't come up with a skill tree, it's because I'm used to suggestions for other games like MOBAs, whose developers generally don't benefit at all from direct suggestions. As some developer somewhere at some point stated, "Gamers can't come up with solutions, they can only point out problems. It's up to the designer to solve them."

    Maybe GLG and the community has a different mindset. But it doesn't help that I have no creativity. I guess I'll try and think of one and post it if no one beats me to it.
  16. Warlock

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    They're making changes to the way skills work now in prep for the expansion, yes? It might go without saying that they'll try for a partial implementation of this in the near future.
  17. Kyrie

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    @tomes eficiency

    Thinking about the max damage the Tomes give is +6 :dmg_existential: and +6 :dmg_aethereal: on Universal Principles with a neat Mage Circle effect (who is resisted by most monsters on DL 10+) the damage isn't that much, since any weapon of an Evil Chest will have nearly 50+ damage (and some cool pluses) so, I don't think that an skill line would make them overpowered, but logically that can't give like 5 Sagacity per tome equipped...

    That could give some skills like use the effect of the tome at distance, another who give some magic power, Book as a Shield who gives block chance and/or the effect of the tome on the enemy on block. There are so much things that we can do...
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  18. lccorp2

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    Tomes almost always have an attached effect. That is the important thing.
  19. Or a Water Bolt. ;)
  20. Lucentdepths

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    But you don't have to take MY word for it! #BYDHTTMWFI
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