Does Lord Dredmor heal?

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  1. Glazed

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    When you take the General Winter ability you get a free hat. Did you not use it? That takes a lot of the sting out of the damage. I do agree that it's still not enough. The snowstorm should be around you, not on top of you. Then you could just sit still and wait it out. If you need to walk through it the hat would at least help that.

    As a general tip, don't take the Maces skill. None of the old weapon skills are worth taking. They don't add enough utility or damage and they limit your weapon choices because you think twice about using a weapon other than the one you chose. So you either use the two amazing non-mace Chest of Evil weapons you found, or you are totally wasting a skill. Your best bet is to take a skill that will always be useful no matter what items you find.

    You can obtain 7 Smithing by taking Clockwork Knight in addition to Smithing, or else find special smithing rooms in the lower levels that grant you extra skill when you stand in a certain spot. I recommend taking Clockwork Knight. It's a great skill for a warrior. Much better than something like Maces.
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    Er, Glazed, I'm not sure why you think old weapon skills aren't worth taking. I've taken them plenty of time, and they aren't magically made useless.
    I did defeat Lord Dredmor twice with dual-wielding maces.
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  3. Kazeto

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    Toque of Canada, for example? They aren't all that rare.
    And you do get a free ushanka when you get to that tier of "Communism" - it gives you some resistance too.
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    The ushanka was a lot worse than the helmet I had currently.

    like A LOT worse.
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    Yes, but it provides the important resistance you need to not die to General Winter. You can even just swap them out any time General Winter actually procs. It's a bit of a pain, but it's not that hard to press the I key then right-click the hat.
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    There's also a mace class weapon that gives an extra point in smithing.

    Edit: Also, once general winter activates, drink some vodka, that'll give you another 2:resist_hyperborean:.
    A warning about that power though, it isn't a base 7:dmg_hyperborean:, it actually scales with :crit:. If you manage to get 100:crit: the power will actually be doing 15:dmg_hyperborean: which means it can be quite dangerous to you once you reach a higher level.
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    I always wear a timelord scarf at higher levels, so General Winter never really bothered me, but I can see how it could be a pain if you leveled it early.

    Also, thrown weapons are best employed by characters with high melee power. So if you aren't having any luck with them try using bolts instead. Though I think Dredmor is still very killable using holy hand grenades and especially clockwork sawblades even without any appreciable meleee power.
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    off topic: Why is OmniNegro liking EVERYTHING on this page? =p
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  11. Arron Syaoran

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    Does the fleshbore effect affect crossbows and thrown too, or just melee? It'd be nice to make him bleed without the need for sawblades/drill bolts/high crossbow skill.(Although I'd stack the effect anyway for maximum damage)
    Edit: Rogues use alot of bleed and poison effects. Poison is mostly useless in this game, though.
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  12. OmniaNigrum

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    The simple answer is that effects added to crossbows from a Krong Anvil affect melee, and those added to melee weapons affect crossbows too. I believe this is still the case. If you have a weapon of any type that gives a 50% chance to proc the affect, it applies on every weapon-based attack regardless of what weapon is making the attack.

    *Edited* to look less like I only attended six grades of schooling. Oh wait... :D
  13. Kazeto

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    I know I'm being an ass here, Omni, but it's "affect". "Effecting" something means creating it, and "affecting" something means causing some sort of effect to happen.

    And it works on all normal attacks, Arron Syaoran.
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  14. Arron Syaoran

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    That's awesome. Ima get Digging as my Rogue's Diggle God.
  15. MasterShizzle

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    I believe that fleshbore effects from Diggle God of Digging only trigger on melee attacks. I don't remember if that accounts for range, though; I seem to remember something about if you used a ranged attack while directly adjacent to your target then the game counted it as both melee and ranged for triggering purposes. But that might be long fixed by now.
  16. TheKirkUnited

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    I'm pretty sure ranged attacks only count as ranged irregardless of distance. I don't remember a time when this was ever false.
  17. OmniaNigrum

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    There are some minor things that confuse others on this subject. Like Unarmed applying to ranged. Newer players notice this and presume that it always applies every melee effect on ranged. No true.

    But all except the Archery specials apply to melee. That is why I will Krong a crappy crossbow before I Krong a good weapon.
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  18. Ruigi

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    There is also communist power armor recipes.
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  19. Arron Syaoran

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    According to J-Factor's Dredmorpedia, it only triggers on melee. At least I get Sweet 10:dmg_piercing: and 2:melee_power: for my thrown and bolts. Dredmor's gonna get stabbed by bolts tonight. 44:dmg_piercing: from Railgun + Scythed Bolt + Diggle god, anyone?(Of course -10:dmg_piercing: for his :resist_piercing:, making 34:dmg_piercing: in damage)