Does Lord Dredmor heal?

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  1. I ask because I'm on DL 10, and I think I can take him now (he is on DL 15). Character level 32ish. Playing PD, so no reload if things don't go swimmingly. I have access to two teleports, so running away should be viable.

    If I run down and spend a bunch of resources but can't kill him, will he be able to regenerate the damage I do inflict? If so, I should probably wait until I have more holy hand grenades (Have 3 atm). Thanks!

    (Even if you only reply to mock my theory. :D)
  2. Glazed

    Glazed Member

    No, I don't think he heals.
  3. OmniaNigrum

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    Even if he can heal. He would have to heal really slowly from what I have observed. I have killed him with characters that had only about two dozen levels. I was using bolts like crazy. And fleeing for my life. If I did not have a spamable summon I could use there is exactly no way I could have survived.

    I am almost certain he does not heal even slowly.
  4. Ruigi

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    I'd like to see some advance scripted behavior for dredmor, or any other monster, that act according to certain conditions and cast spells or act differently when certain things happen.

    that way dredmor can be coded to have smart behavior based on what the hero is doing: for example, if dredmor was hit with a spell that used mana, his reaction could be to cast a mute spell. if he's getting hit a lot in melee, he could blink and cast a heal spell on himself.
  5. The consensus is that he does not heal. Off to sprint down to DL 15!
  6. SkyMuffin

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    I am pretty sure he doesn't heal. Setting him on fire or making him bleed is a good way of killing him, since they take off 1% of his hp a turn. Other DoT things dont work though.
  7. impishacid

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    Also, IIRC, time only runs on the dungeon floor you're currently on (correct me if i'm wrong?) when you come back, it'll be just one step of time relative to him since you left.
  8. Gaidren

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    He doesn't heal that I've seen, so he can definately die the death of a thousand cuts.

    HOWEVER, the level 15 version of Dred didn't take much damage from holy hand grenades the time I chucked a few at him. I was a bit sad. Make sure you have more up your sleeve as a plan than a few grenades. :)
  9. Kablooie

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    You can forget the Holy Hand Grenades, Squid Bolts, Noxious Brimstone Flasks, et al. They hardly muss his hair (if he had any). Use those on Zoos or large mobs.
  10. DavidB1111

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    Er, I finished watching someone recently on going Rogue Permadeath kill Dredmor using holy hand grenades, and they do a decent chunk of his health a shot.
    I'm not sure why he would be resistant to them considering he has zero righteous resistance.:p

    But Ruigi, this is Dungeons of Dredmor, not Lisp: the Game
    Lisp being the AI programming the U.S. Military used a long time ago.
    "I once wrote a program in Lisp, it wrote back to me." :)
    Seriously, though, I really don't want to see Lord Dredmor be Turing Capable, please. :)
    Nor do wet need him to become like Skynet, A learning computer.
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  11. Kazeto

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    Well, more or less what DavidB1111 says.

    But now that he had mentioned Skynet, I feel the need to get some reference to it in the game.
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  12. Rawk Hawk

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    Is there any real chance for a heavy armor dual wielding mace man to actually beat dredmor without losing ALL of his equipment?
  13. Glazed

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    If you beat Dredmor and lose all of your equipment in the process, why would you care? You just won the game!
  14. Rawk Hawk

    Rawk Hawk Member

    I mean would I do enough damage before he made all my stuff useless
  15. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Unless you do something horribly wrong, you should beat him if you prepare enough for the hax spell of thor's voltic death attack, or whatever it's called.
    Magic Resistance helps against his corruption attack.
    Diggle God of Death reduces his damage to laughable levels, especially combined with 26-30 AA, and a high block chance.
    Keep in mind, he has an absurd block chance, 95%, or so, so you'll do half damage to him on average, but as long as you do around 60 to 80 a shot with his block, you'll win the war of attrition in melee. Provided he doesn't spam magic in melee range.
    Oh, and make sure you heal yourself. :)
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  16. Rawk Hawk

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    I knew I should have taken viking magic. I went with basically pure armor (Mace/Dual Wielding/Heavy Armor/Psionics/Smithing/Communism) Psionics for free extra hits with the sleep + the burning for dredmor + free on demand shove.

    Psionics is a really nice skill for a warior since they're mostly utility spells and cost very little mana but since I didnt know one of Communism's passives hurts me for 6 damage a turn for three turns I ended up dying around floor 9.
  17. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    IS that the poison water one? I don't remember any skill doing damage, but it seems like really bad and apparently, radioactive water from Cherynobyl's coolant tank, is what that water is.
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  18. Kazeto

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    Get Diggle God of Digging blessing - it gives you a chance to trigger fleshbore, and that decreases target's block significantly.
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  19. Rawk Hawk

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    Communism is a pretty crappy skill. I can see the 3 turn storm of 7 ice damage being useful is I could find actual armor that gave me some. There were Communism Armor and Communism Helmets and I had ALL the items needed but I needed 7 smithing. No idea how I was supposed to get that.
  20. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Oh, right. That skill. My bad, I forgot about that.