Does 'Blasting damage' ever actually do damage?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by IanExMachina, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. IanExMachina

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    I found a ring in the second room of Level 1 of the dungeon, equipped it think 'ohoho 2 extra damage so early' however it didn't appear to do any damage, despite it being shown on the Character screen damage bit.
    The battle text just showed my normal damage being done (3 crushing).

    Was the ring broken or was it the blasting damage? (As the Narcosomatic Induction was meant to do blasting damage and didn't do any.)
  2. Patchumz

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    Hmm, I've had blasting before, but I'm actually not quite sure if it worked. I had a lot of others at the time. If it wasn't such a rare attribute I'd try to test :p.
  3. Embolus

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    Well, I did notice that a spell that's supposed to do Aethereal and Blasting damage only ever does the Aethereal component, and never the Blasting component. I just attributed it to enemy resistance though.
  4. IanExMachina

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    Hmm from the sounds of that blasting damage isn't working then, as sickly diggles/any first floor enemies probably shouldn't have any resistance like that.


    Looking at the google spreadsheet of bugs there is a bug mentioned which probably explains it, should have noticed it on the spreadsheet :s

    The following spells use 'blast'/'blastF' instead of 'blasting'/'blastingF' in spellDB.xml (which appears to be wrong):

    Aethereal Missile
    Lightning Blast
    Electrical Strike
    Small Electrical Strike
    Dwarven Handshake
    Ragnar's Meteor
    Gray Heron Takes Flight
    Gargoyle Acid Bolt
    Robo Bolt
    Tesla Mine Effect
    Cannon Shot
    Explosive Cannon Shot
    Steam Burst
    Unliving Wall
    Narcosomatic Induction
    Psychokinetic Shove
    Unholy Warcry
    Thor's Fulminaric Bolt
    Makeshift Bomb Center
    Makeshift Bomb Blast
    Iron Bomb Center
    Iron Bomb Blast
    Frag Bomb Center
    Concussion Bomb Center
    Concussion Bomb Blast
    Grenade Center
    Grenade Blast
  5. zaratustra

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    Blasting damage is resisted by armour.
  6. IanExMachina

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    As is crushing, yet I still did 3 crushing to the sickly diggles without the ring, so there was no Armour Absorption in the equation.

    Also I copy and pasted a confirmed as fixed bug from the spreadsheet, so yeah.
  7. As IanExMachina pointed out, the type given to spells in the spellDB is wrong. I modified them and played with Entropic Bolt, and it worked again, doing the correct damage. However, I can't seem to locate where the hell blasting damage is controlled for the damage given to items, so any rings/weapons that have it still can't fix yet. Working on it, then likely release an overwrite for use with the Dredmor Mod Manager.

    [edit] Did more mucking about, sorta hoping David sees this now. While I still can't fix weapon enchants of blasting, went through my own files and fixed spells that used it. Thought not all of them needed it, like Corpus Burst had the correct lines.

    Anyway, in the process I noticed a couple things that will need to be fixed as well. If you fix the damage component to Narcosomatic Induction, you need to also move the Sleep effect after the damage, since it'll sleep and then impact and wake them right back up. Or stuff we straight up didn't really know it was supposed to do, like Unholy Warcry from Viking Wizardry has a damage component, along with it's debuff. But it was blasting, so you never saw it.