DoD+RotDG Drinking game...

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  1. OmniaNigrum

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    I hate alcohol, so I am doing espresso shots instead. Digestive problems, here I come!

    One shot whenever you die is simple enough. But too easy unless you use random skills, PDGR. Load up whatever mods you want, and pick one or two skills then randomize the rest.

  2. Troacctid

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    Drink when your character drinks.
  3. blob

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    Then blood magic and leywalker are banned.

    Drink vodka every time you level up. Gotta celebrate, until you're too drunk to survive.
  4. If I feel like "drinking" I drink when I play DoD. I'm a moderate... go for the buzz and maintaining it.
    So, the pretty much kills the game, but I'm there in... Spirits. ;) <snicker> :resist_aethereal: :resist_existential:
  5. Kazeto

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    I've a hardcore one for you.

    Take a sip whenever you skal an item.
    Take a sip whenever you sell an item.
    Take a shot whenever you open an evil chest.

    You can choose any drink you want, though non-alcohilic ones are recommended (so that you'll get further than the third floor).
  6. Sade

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    Something that I always love to hear. :)
  7. OmniaNigrum

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    To each their own. I just find the physical effects unpleasant. I am happy to see the thread take off on it's own though!

    Perhaps we need to try a DoD challenges drinking game? Record yourself getting wired/plastered on whatever you like. Explain your strategy for the build you use. (It need not be entirely random.)

    If you choose to drink alcohol, remember that no-one on this Earth is going to believe that DoD made you a drunken slob. :) You can stop at any time for any reason.
    /rant off
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  8. Loerwyn

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    It isn't a pleasant thing. My drug of choice was Jack Daniels for a period of about a year (and even then I barely had any), and I honestly don't miss it one iota. Even gave up caffeinated soft drinks last year. Not had more than a half-litre bottle of cola in... wow, probably about six-eight months.

    Ahem. A healthy (well, healthier) way to play this would be to get a box of something like Malteasers. One Malteaser instead of a drink :D
  9. rulinus

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    take a shot whenever a monster insults you :D
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