Do most Alchemists have Perception?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by ElJefe, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. ElJefe

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    I was noticing how lacking perception on my build made me really thin on healing potions. Is it that I need to crank Alchemy early? any suggestions without perception?

    Trying to forgo perception so i can take more +crit skills for a heavy crit centered approach.

    Piracy, Axes, Dual Weilding, Assassination, Beserker rage, Alchemy, Burglarly
  2. Wolg

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    I find it's more useful with tinkerer/smith.

    Alchemy 2 will give a pair of healing potions per crafting, level 3 will let you turn most booze into aqua vitae. As your build probably won't care about mana at all...

    Rust, iron, haematite and rusty swords (for me) make up the other half adequately... but I don't play on NTTG.
  3. Haldurson

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    Perception is definitely helpful. But the same as Wolg, I've never found it necessary for alchemy alone -- I always seem to have sufficient healing potions by the end game, assuming you add points into Alchemy itself in order to beef up the number of potions you get per craft.

    Keep in mind that I don't use a lot of healing potions until late in the game. Before then, I tend to rely mostly on food except for the occasional emergency (bosses, zoos). Also, keep in mind, that the best defense is to not get hit in the first place, particularly if you are a mage. It might just be that the reason why our experiences differ is that you are having other problems causing you to get into trouble a lot sooner, and more often.
  4. ElJefe

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    not playing on NTTG. permadeath dwarf setttings, 15 floors.

    I died in that build sadly on level 9. did quite well without much healing, but a super monster overwhelmed my guy from a Zoo. lacked healing at that point. I now am playing him again. I wish I had a goggles, havent found them yet. I refuse to make ingots with half yields. holding out till i get them if i do. (tink/smith 1 pt doubles recipes yields on a VERY low yielding skill without sinking massive points in it)
  5. Haldurson

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    With NTTG, perception is probably a bit more synergistic with Alchemy than it is normally, since there is less of everything (not just iron, but vending machines, food, etc.). But without NTTG, I don't have major problems using Alchemy without Perception.
  6. ElJefe

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    OK level 6 I am on and i havent used any iron at all yet. I am waiting for goggles and alchemy higher levels. I have 13 rusts and 5 iron ingots. that is all on level 6 i am hafl way through the game mathetmatically no? or close. I have enough to make a bunch of health but no to sustain combat. I use food like im a concentration camp worker. Alchemy sux for dual weilding build. it is COOL and make some great stuff, but as a major healing thing, no way. fleshsmithing is better which is kinda dumb. I hate having to use it. the alchemy tree offers nice resistances but i died again. The game took FOREVER to get to level 6. like WHOA long time. my whole teleport plane was filled in rows of gems and such.

    Interesting to note how well Piracy works with alchemy. Really well. I would pair it with perception and alchemy would be ultra powerful. Perception just drops like 80% of the stuff you need when crafting. I would say no perception only for those people who are building plate armour and no weapons or usables. Wouldnt need it then with plate goals as much.