Do Fishmen Corpses attract Fishmen?

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  1. So I was in New Sogwood (fishmen in new sogwood? Who'd have thought!) and progress was slow because Fishmen were constantly harassing resource collection and building operations. This was revision 36 I believe and the Fishmen bodies were piling up so high (at a starter colony too!) that I wasn't even bothering to butcher them because it'd have divided up my colonist's attention from building the carpentry and kitchen structures.
    I sent out my redcoats to do a perimeter sweep outside the colony during one of the rare breaks I got from the Fishmen waves and I saw a Fishman standing over a Fishman corpse, and I noticed he was doing a weird animation like he was screaming or something. I moused over him and his job was: "Rally over Corpse".

    So I shot the bugger and butchered all 12(!) corpses. All of them. I cleaned up the gibs, too.

    No evidence. No evidence. Leave no evidence. Hide the evidence.

    So question, if a Fish man finds a dead fish man, does he call for help?
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