Diggles In Paris

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  1. We gonna parody to one song and one song only.

    Dungeon crawl so hard arch diggles start to mind me
    First diggles gotta mine me
    What's a pretty snout to some eyebrows like these
    Can they please define me?
    Crawl so hard, this pit crazy
    Y'all don't know but those glyphs phase me
    The stairs could go crypt to moonbase and I look back up like this map hazy
    Crawl so hard, this pit feared
    All these monster zoos around here
    Crawl so hard, since we here
    It's only right that it's my air
    Hero, count's near to, reaching zero, zoo what zoo?
    Krong-blessed, done quests, non-stressed, boo hoo
    Crawl so hard, checking Brax's stock, so much gear spawned ad hoc
    Mirror shield that's quite a yield, blink and I might skip the sales talk
    Crawl so hard, I've sweat through, 'suppose I jumped their bad debt queue
    If you were nectar to dread collectors
    You'd be neck-deep in cheesy omelette too!
    Crawl so hard, let's get sated, Sewer Brew for like 6 waits
    Hard cider, T'Char rider, steak been aged now on grill plates
    Crawl so hard, Deth behave, just might let you be slaved
    Psionics maxed out, stop movin' since next is Blood Mage ...

    Crawl so hard arch diggles start to mind me
    That pit's prey [x3]
    Crawl so hard arch diggles start to mind me
    That pit's prey [x3]

    She said wait can we eat lutefisk from the haul
    I said look you need to find Dredmor to brawl
    Go and die to diggles great and small
    Then tell me what you're "achieving" here at all

    Crawl so hard
    That pit's prey (that pit's prey), safe to say
    Crawl so hard
    What she choosin' (what she choosin'), elvish way?
    Crawl so hard
    Dredmor so tough, that old guy
    Crawl so hard
    Act like you'll ever step inside diggle hell to perma-die

    Digula, grab your axe
    Oh God what it's full of fail and cracks
    Excuse my pack but I need stacks (bolts I'm savin')
    Prince diggle's ain't do it right, know what I mean
    Cause I was him I would have couped D10 and 15
    What's taunting my diggle?
    What's foreboding my scribble?
    What's jokes my giggle?
    What's that gnome dance, a jiggle?
    UI says I'm not alright
    Cause I'm suffering from thaumites
    Got my fizzles in foresight
    Guess we're New Gaming all night, huh!

    ("Don't I actually have work tomorrow?"
    "No one needs any sleep, this is addictive."
    "But there's the-"
    "I'm keeping this char going!")

    Crawl so hard arch diggles start to mind me [x2]

    You are now crumbling like stone
    Just let Dredmor show his bones [x3]
    These taunting diggles are lyin'
    Acting like their tubers aren't frying
    "his attack will leave your mind blown"
    You know how many healing potions I own?
    Just let Dredmor show his bones [x4]
    I'll leave him dazed and reeling
    My stats are through the ceiling
    That door sure looks appealing
    Why'd my arms both just lose feeling?
    D oh T is causing me groans
    Don't let his next spell be shown
    Hey Krong can I get a loan?

    I'm definitely getting owned
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