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  2. DragonOfTime

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    Because we have never seen anything even remotely like it, right...?
  3. It's like having your own little Terrarium to play in. </subtle>
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  4. Daynab

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    Dat midi soundtrack
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    Can I buy the beta?
  6. Musaab

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    That name is pretty creative, too. Wherever did he get the idea?
  7. Essence

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    Can't decide if lawsuit, or ninja assassin.
  8. OmniaNigrum

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    Remember that there are still people who have (Gasp!) not played DoD at all and have no idea what a Diggle is. This was probably an attempt to make a shoddy clone of Terraria. But once mostly finished, the name stuck.

    If anyone seriously thinks the courts should handle this and sue the pants right off this person, remember that he doubtlessly wanted to make a game, and the name is fitting for a digging game. That is as far as it went. And that is as far as it should go. Live and let live. (Until they least expect it. Then they wake up to The Bolt Council...) :D
  9. Kazeto

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    Ninja prosecutors, maybe?
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  10. Turbo164

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    Elven lawninjas!

    Oh wait they're extinct. And unfed.
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  11. Loerwyn

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    Still surprised it hasn't been taken down. Even if not legally objectionable it kinda goes against the spirit of the system.
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  12. Movra

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    Then again, the title is probably more... inspired by a 2001 game called Diggles: The Myth Of Fenris.

    It's like the developers played Dwarf Fortress and went back in time to make it graphically accessible!

    By the way, Fenris is Odin's lapdog...
  13. Kazeto

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    Oh yeah, Wiggles. That's one hell of a fun game. Shame my copy doesn't want to work anymore and I'm too lazy to look for the backup CD, though.
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  14. Loerwyn

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    I'm wigglin' as I'm digglin'