Diggle God of Mediocrity

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  1. captainkronos

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    I'm playing with 4 mods and have found the above shrine on level 3. It gives 5 HP and 5 MP. My question is, if I pray to the shrine and find a better shrine can I pray to that one instead or am I stuck with the mediocrity stats?

    Also, what other Diggle shrines are there, I think I saw a post which had a Diggle Shrine of War?

  2. Haldurson

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  3. captainkronos

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    Thank you Haldurson. It must be from FaxPax's mod spelling?) then. I'm relieved because I accidentally saved my game and thought I might be stuck with it. My other mods are Meltdown, More Swords an More Daggers.

    Looking a the Wiki which Diggle God do you and others like to choose?
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  4. Haldurson

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    You never know which you will find, so if a god fits your build then pick it. For example, I was once lucky enough to find the Diggle God of Fertility while I was playing a Vampire character, and it was awesome.
  5. Arron Syaoran

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    My favourites are War, Digging, Secrets and Fertility(depending on build).
    For some reason I keep thinking that by praying to the Diggle God of Mediocrity, I end up with 0 :melee_power: later on, despite the fact that I had 27 :burliness:.