BETA 55A Digging into the code: Airdrops

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    I made an interesting finding (at least for me :D) when i discovered how almost all supply drops even the ones during an event arc are centered around the starting position of the colony. Since airdrops can destroy items lying on the floor beneath them i learned the hard way that it is a very bad idea to build stockpiles in the middle of the starting position as airdrops are dropped off at a random position in a circle with a radius of 6 around the starting position.

    If you have already done that or are planning to do so make building an airship mast a priority as it will relocate the air drop position.
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  2. Naffarin

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    But since the airship mast cannot be activated currently in my game it is advisable to move the main stockpile :)
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    Love this series.
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    I've found the likelihood of the starting location having enough usable flat ground to immediately place anything is almost non-existent, especially now that you're forced to have set size stockpiles. So I always end up flattening a habitable area over the first 4-5 days somewhere more practical anyways. :)