Difficulty level of save game?

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by neilb, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. neilb

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    Is there any way of looking at the difficulty level of a saved game? The load saved screen only seems to show the skills you have selected. I don't mind looking at the save files with a hex editor or vim, if necessary - I just need to know the format.

    The reason I ask is I've just updated to the latest patch (1.1.1) and seem to be having a really easy time with a new game I started, and I'm wondering if by finger trouble I selected the wrong difficulty level - I'd like to check before I play further.
  2. Profanity

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    Well, if you have no bonus mana regen, you can check how many turns does it take you to regain a point of mana. Dwarvish supposed to be 7 and Rogue 8, if I remember correctly?

    EDIT: I'm sure that Dwarvish is 7. So if it's higher or lower than that, then... you know what means what.
  3. neilb

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    Thanks, it looks like I am on Rogue, but the game is definitely much easier than it was. I think the difference is that with this new view angle thing the monsters often don't see me, and so don't immediately head straight for me, which means I have plenty of time to pepper them with ranged attacks - I wonder if these new features have been fully play-tested?
  4. DuckAndCower

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    I've noticed the change in difficulty, too. Definitely seems to be related to the new vision rules for the monsters.
  5. neilb

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    Yeah, I just had a 100+ monster zoo on level 4 and it was really easy to deal with, as the monsters mostly never left the zoo and many just sat there waiting for me to slaughter them (which of course I did). I'm all in favour of stealth in games, but the new vision rules don't seem to have been too well thought out.
  6. Profanity

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    I find the new zoos really annoying, you have to get way too close to the belly of the beast to reach a bloody mob, they barely come to you anymore.
  7. Warlock

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    Save weak AoE consumables. Make enemies mad with them. You still split them right and can take them on anyway. Profit!