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    Which is one of the main reasons why I do not like online-only games that are not MMO games.
    Because one greedy idiot is enough to ruin your fun if you can't have your privacy.
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    I hate to ruin everyone's day, but this made me laugh out loud. :)

    I never liked the series, but that is not the point. I *Hate* online BS for single player. They pretend it helps them police the game and enforce fairness. When exactly has that *EVER* worked?

    Starcraft 2 was supposed to work in a similar fashion. But it was cracked and hacked and cheated in every way purely because they made it a challenge. Corporate monkeys need to realize that "Release Groups" do what they do not for profit, but because someone had the brass balls to tell them it could not be done.

    Want a game truly free of the parasites that are swarming over Diablo 3? Make it open and let the players police it themselves. Ask release groups kindly to help keep the cheaters from multiplayer. You get more bees with honey than vinegar after all.

    Sell your games fairly and let the groups do what they do best. Ask them for help and they will find the cheaters as a mark of pride and ruin their day the same as they ruin initial sales of lousy games. It is all the same to the groups.

    *Note* that I do not support software piracy, but I do not make enemies of capable people either. The distinction may be too thin for some to see. :)
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  3. mining

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    Note: 99% of 'omg got hacked' are people messing up in some way then blaming it on company XYZ. The number of people who's facebook gets 'hacked' because they've left it open, or have a stupid, stupid password...
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    Ahh.. I find it amusing that the majority of this issue would have been completly avoided had they included an offline single player. So instead of loosing cash to potential pirates (that most likely will never buy the game anyway, so is it realy lost?) they are now spending vast amounts more to do rollbacks, customer support, and deep searches into their code for security breeches.

    While I think it's bad people will do that, and feel a little sorry for those that were hacked, I do find the irony of the situation amusing.
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    Operator error is not limited to PC issues. People burn down their homes by improperly trying to fry a turkey, trying to staple live electrical lines for holiday decorations, and all manner of idiocy. People overdose on medications every day in all parts of the world. They almost invariably blame the provider/maker for their idiocy.

    Passwords equal to "password" or "12345" are *FAR* more common than any other type for all sorts of things that should otherwise be secure.

    Stupid people who do such things should be fired out of a cannon into a flaming-turbo-woodchipper. 'Nuff said. :)
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    While I may sound harsh and the situation is displeasing, anyone who did not see this coming and bought the game deserves what was coming to them. If they knew about the risks, then they can consider it a 'reward' for their supporting of Blizzard's whims.
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    Yeah that's sad. That hacking was so fast and angry I even wondered if it was a temptative to sabotage D3's success. Or, of course, it could just be because with the AH it would be a good way to make money.

    Anyway, I'm on Path of Exile now which ironically feels more like what Diablo 3 should have been than Diablo 3 itself. An excellent game so far.
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    I can't put my finger on what I don't like about the game. The graphics, animation, game play, and art work are simply out of this world.

    I suppose the progression seems weak. After getting to level 30 and beating the game on normal it's a long haul towards the end of inferno and not a whole lot changes for your character along the way. I really want to do it. But I just don't feel any motivation to be playing the game anymore =/.

    Maybe I should try hardcore mode...
  9. blob

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    Maybe its because the world is in fact barely random at all and actually made of identical rooms copy pasted in a different order ?
    I know that when I finished the game I didnt feel like doing it again partially because the levels were almost the same.
  10. jadkni

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    I passed on Diablo 3 specifically because of Path of Exile and Torchlight II. Nothing I'd heard about the game prior to its' release nor what I'm hearing now has convinced me that this was a poor choice.
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    ^ this

    and, as someone who played through to Inferno....you really aren't missing out on much. The grind just gets exponentially more ridiculous. It's not even a fair curve-- it's a curve that demands hours of grind to save up enough gold for extremely rare items.

    And then, even if you make it to Inferno, Act 2 is impossible for almost everyone. It's basically 1-2 hit deaths not even to special enemies, but REGULAR mobs. Poor balance + a sad lack of interesting character progression = waste of my time :(
  12. blob

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    Really sad. Hopefully they will listen to the complaints and try to patch some of them. I'm sure they ll do some efforts for the Inferno difficulty.
    Lent my Diablo 3 today to a friend, never let that happen so fast to a game I just bought.
  13. klaymen_sk

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    I have visited a friend on Sunday and he showed me a bit of D3 and gave me a guest pass.
    The graphics reminds me of Torchlight, the tunnel ride is like Titan Quest (Sacred blows the shit out of all these games because it has open world which actually makes some sense). Having to go to the menu if you want to go to another act is plain stupid.

    Skills and runes remind me of WoW and the inscriptions, however some skills are really weird. Demon hunter's rapid fire turns his bow into a burst fire machinegun....WTF? Yes, the animations are of Blizzard's standard (= excellent), but they don't make the boring grind better in any way. The crafting is also quite weird. Sure, it is like WoW, but all the items have just a bunch of random properties instead of a defined set and while I understand that the wizard has no use for staff giving him a big strength bonus, it turns crafting into a lottery (yo dawg I herd u liek RNG so we put some RNG into your RNG and now you can get random things while getting random things).

    Not to mention rubberbanding. Although I got it only a few times, THAT SHOULD NOT EXIST IN MY FUGGIN' SINGLEPLAYER GAME, FFS! (and since I have fiber optic DSL with 22Mbit/s connection, it is even less tolerable)

    As a Diablo game it is quite good, though it is what passes for these so-called RPG games - a munchkin's wet dream. You have to min-max your skills (some people mentioned they change skills before boss encounters depending on the said fight) and grind stuff 'til your eyes bleed if you don't want to be a punching bag for higher difficulties' mobs. I guess I'll have to fire up some Fallout or The Witcher to remind me of actual roleplaying games...

    All in all, it is not worth the hype. Not in the slightest. Blizzard relies on its fanboys to buy the game and that's it. Also, same like Diablo 2, I cannot see myself playing it several times again. I'm neither an achievement whore, nor I like repeating the same shit for a million times to get some magic item which increases my DPS or critical hit chance by 0,5%....

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  14. mining

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    One of my friends with like 75 hours played is doing OK in Inferno Act II.
    He's running monk with pretty good resists and armor, respectable dodge and can slowly solo his way through everything. Its not easy, and he needs to play smart, but he's bit by bit progressing - it reminds me kind of like Dredmor in a way - you gradually build yourself up to each challenge. Unfortunately, the curve is vertical at points.
  15. SkyMuffin

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    i am hoping it turns out like D2 did, and in a year or two they'll release a big patch that radically changes things for the better. it's not too impossible for Blizzard...
    i could see that working if you have some above average equipment (since he's played 75 hours i am assuming he does, since it took me only 45 to get through to Inferno). So not impossible, but I think it gets to a point where most players just get bored or annoyed with it.

    Also, it is weird how there are some instances in the game balance where it's actually easier to play solo than with a party.
  16. klaymen_sk

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    IIRC when playing with more people, monsters get a health buff for every player that joined the host's game. It is about +75% HP, but don't quote me on that bacause I am not sure.
    And so if your DPS is sky-high, you may have easier time playing alone, instead of playing with your friend has much lower DPS than you.
  17. blob

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    D2 had a big patch change a lot of stuff after a year ? I didnt remember that.
  18. klaymen_sk

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    Maybe he meant the patch that added synergies, though that came out much later. Or he was thinking about some other one.
  19. mining

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    D2 started off pretty 'rubbish' for similar (but different) reasons to why D3 is 'rubbish'.

    Also worth a note: Yeah, he does have above average gear - inferno's meant to be "Oh, maybe you can farm this easily... next year.
  20. Loswaith

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    The large part of the fun I had in diablo 2 was about the various builds for the replaying (even in the same character), you could chose a new skill or two and again work on getting the character there (the synigeries took the edge off that fun a bit, IMO, but I saw the advantage of it once you had maxed out a skill). Though I'm sure certain builds coundnt get throgh Hell mode im not sure that id still consider them unviable, as I never found a build I couldnt get through normal mode with (not that I tried all possible ones either).

    While you can restrict yourself to certain builds in Diablo 3 and replay a class, knowing you can just change at any point rather diminishes that interest for me, where the majority of the fun was in D2, as inevitable repeating the same levels will get boring.

    The crafting being random too I believe they did to replace the gambling aspect of D2, I suspect it would have been better to have some of both options in the long term. People typically use crafting in games to get what they want, while normal loot drops can cover the random stuff better.