DHMO Facts.

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  1. OmniaNigrum

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    Please list all the effects you can think of for DHMO. How bad it is, and what awful things it does.
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  2. Kazeto

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    It can considerably weaken metals if they are stored in DHMO-rich environment.

    Not only that, it can weaken many other substances if they are under the influence of DHMO in its natural form.
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  3. Essence

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    In it's purest state, DHMO can actually leech significant nutrients out of your body when you drink it, acting like an anti-multivitamin. It's pretty scary, actually.
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  4. Turbo164

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    Every single American Civil War veteran who drank DHMO is dead.

    Meanwhile, not a single one that ate the McRib has died.
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  5. mining

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    All humans have such strong psychological conditioning to consume this substance that they will voluntarily consume a cocktail of metal chlorides and other metallic compounds in order to get their daily fix of DHMO.
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  6. mining

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  7. Createx

    Createx Member

    It is used to grow genetically modified plants as well actually. There are some rumours that the United States are using it as a weapon of biological warfare, so there is the possibility that the clouds you see are actually made of DHMO!
    Experiments have also shown that it is quite, quite lethal even to big mammals like elephants if not handled with care.
    Lastly, it can produce nasty burns if you don't watch it properly while making tea!
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  8. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    It is also one of the crucial ingredients for making Coca-Cola. But of course you wouldn't know because their recipe is secret - they are literally hiding the fact that they are using DHMO in the stuff you are drinking.
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  9. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Actually, if you read the ingredients it is listed, but under another name. How deceptive they are!

    It is also in baby food. Yes, baby food has this chemical that is associated with all these negative things.

    Dehydrated foods are almost if not entirely free of this chemical. But it was always there at some point in the making of the foods.

    It is used extensively in nuclear reactors. That should tell you something about it. And it carries heavy levels of radiation at all times in those cases. So much so that it cannot be released into the environment without being a major hazard.

    Also, it is impossible to water it down. :D
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  10. Alistaire

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    DHMO is used by the KKK and the NAACP during rallies and marches, while it retains its well-known use of maintenance of chemical balance in community swimming pools. Furthermore, DHMO is one of the key ingredients in both Oreo and cheese macaroni production chains.
    Among the more secret uses of DHMO are its uses as diaper powder in third world countries and its uses as Formula One engine part-enhancer. Both are regulated by the US government, due to a big loss of monthly profit at companies that do not use this commodity-saving procedure in their production.
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