Death By A Thousand Taunts

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    Oh, no, not my taunt list?
    I'll look it over and see if I can find any mistakes...


    Yea, Notebook++ doesn't show it, but Wordpad does. Odd.
    It's fixed now. Thanks for checking that for me, there's no telling whose taunts might have been screwed up. I'll release an update immediately.
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    Added the following line to the description:
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  3. Some of the quotes feel out-of-context rather than acting as taunts or even random diggle chatter ... but even those are more amusing than seeing "spaaa(etc.)ce" plastered yet again over a monster zoo. The stupid large number of taunts you've put together here will stave off repeated-taunt-related-annoyance quite potentially until I've mastered the game enough to play it blindfolded and it won't even matter!

    A++ would have my feelings hurt again!
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  4. More taunts! Taunting forever.

    <insult text="no, you!" />
    <insult text="aweaklingherosayswhat" />
    <insult text="are we there yet?" />
    <insult text="nice vest, dork" />
    <insult text="nice weapon, jerk" />
    <insult text="it was me all along" />
    <insult text="they see me digglin'" />
    <insult text="tickle tickle tickle" />
    <insult text="i peed in your potion" />
    <insult text="i spat on your cheese" />
    <insult text="guess where i stuck that wand" />
    <insult text="your gems are all fakes" />
    <insult text="i wasn't ready" />
    <insult text="it was just a rat" />
    <insult text="i have a wife and six kids" />
    <insult text="tell my wife i said hello" />
    <insult text="aaaaaah!" />
    <insult text="stranger danger!" />
    <insult text="i never asked for this" />
    <insult text="let's agree to disagree" />
    <insult text="you'll be sorry when i tell dredmor!" />
    <insult text="wait, this isn't my dungeon" />
    <insult text="can i have your autograph?" />
    <insult text="this wasn't my idea" />
    <insult text="why did it have to be heroes?" />
    <insult text="but i like lutefisk" />
    <insult text="a thrusty and an agar aguardian walk into a bar ..." />
    <insult text="... so then i said, i'll displace your glyph" />
    <insult text="... 86 dwarven gut rots on the wall ..." />
    <insult text="i am a diggle and i'm digging a hole" />
    <insult text="could be worse" />
    <insult text="i said mrmrphmmp" />
    <insult text="maybe you're the poor clone" />
    <insult text="uh good day fellow human" />
    <insult text="at least it's not raining" />
    <insult text="nothing but the rain" />
    <insult text="knife to meet you" />
    <insult text="don't be a sword loser" />
    <insult text="let me axe you a question" />
    <insult text="i mace spare you i mace not" />
    <insult text="you wanna staff something?" />
    <insult text="i wouldn't spear you a thought" />
    <insult text="how many times do i have to kill you" />
    <insult text="who keeps playing that music?" />
    <insult text="86539 left in the zoo" />
    <insult text="attack from the south" />
    <insult text="i know eight skills" />
    <insult text="i hope you like level 1" />
    <insult text="this is your endgame" />
    <insult text="you, sir, are no dredmor" />
    <insult text="go choke on a lutefisk" />
    <insult text="watch out, the tofu grew legs" />
    <insult text="how's your mana doing?" />
    <insult text="do your stats scale to that face?" />
    <insult text="i eat heroes like you for breakfast" />
    <insult text="i bet those eyebrows aren't real" />
    <insult text="peacefulness is against my religion" />
    <insult text="see you in another life, brother" />
    <insult text="don't tell me what i can't do" />
    <insult text="is that all you've got?" />
    <insult text="i wonder what you drop" />
    <insult text="you missed me" />
    <insult text="look ma, no hands" />
    <insult text="i'm so naughty" />
    <insult text="got your nose" />
    <insult text="that's a toy, right?" />
    <insult text="i can do fifty six pushups" />
    <insult text="GUYS I THINK I FOUND THE SHIFT KEY" />
    <insult text="you're going to have a bad time" />
    <insult text="who's this douchebag?" />
    <insult text="that's a funny way to spell loser" />
    <insult text="how cute, can i keep you?" />
    <insult text="enjoying yourself are you?" />
    <insult text="so that's why they call you that" />
    <insult text="they don't make heroes like they used to" />
    <insult text="this won't even be close" />
    <insult text="at least you tried" />
    <insult text="spoiler alert: you die" />
    <insult text="charge!" />
    <insult text="and here we go" />
    <insult text="make peace with your gods" />
    <insult text="go go power rangers!" />
    <insult text="go go gadget hero killer" />
    <insult text="xyzzy ... what, nothing?" />
    <insult text="this isn't even my final form" />
    <insult text="honey, dinner's here" />
    <insult text="you ain't seen nothing yet" />
    <insult text="you couldn't counter on your fingers" />
    <insult text="you couldn't dodge a hill" />
    <insult text="you couldn't block a sneeze" />
    <insult text="sigh. another one" />
    <insult text="let me show you a magic trick" />
    <insult text="they used to call me sigmund" />
    <insult text="i'm uncomfortably energetic" />
    <insult text="i kick mother nature in the face" />
    <insult text="strong mobs we have problems too" />
    <insult text="your inventory isn't trying hard enough" />
    <insult text="check me out" />
    <insult text="it's like you want to die" />
    <insult text="good luck with that" />
    <insult text="respect my authority" />
    <insult text="i don't like where this is going" />
    <insult text="i give you three turns at most" />
    <insult text="a wild hero appears!" />
    <insult text="ready set psyche" />
    <insult text="i'm on a mission from inconsequentia" />
    <insult text="i was born in an evil chest" />
    <insult text="i was born on floor 16" />
    <insult text="i heroically vandalised your wiki page" />
    <insult text="who smashed my chest?" />
    <insult text="don't touch that lever" />
    <insult text="dare you to pull the lever" />
    <insult text="guess what? i love pancakes" />
    <insult text="i reject your reality" />
    <insult text="stupidhead mcbadhero" />
    <insult text="don't be foolish you foolish fool" />
    <insult text="that's not my cow. that's a hero" />
    <insult text="you're not invited" />
    <insult text="we're the tunnel snakes and we rule" />
    <insult text="where is your god now?" />
    <insult text="go jump in lake" />
    <insult text="you are, how you say, terrible" />
    <insult text="your skillset is bad and you should feel bad" />
    <insult text="i am your opponent" />
    <insult text="now you must face me" />
    <insult text="i'll palette swap you red" />
    <insult text="i bet you think this taunt is about you" />
    <insult text="i bet you left the oven on" />
    <insult text="if i had a zorkmid for every hero" />
    <insult text="let me check, yes, still hate you" />
    <insult text="this just in: i hate you" />
    <insult text="i want you to watch me hate you" />
    <insult text="where's my hero-repellent?" />
    <insult text="would you like a medal?" />
    <insult text="but do you blend?" />
    <insult text="what's that awful stink around- oh" />
    <insult text="my burliness has its own stats" />
    <insult text="stick your head in a lutefisk cube" />
    <insult text="sweet wizardland code: toteslegitgonow" />
    <insult text="aw geez, aw geez" />
    <insult text="is this some sort of come on?" />
    <insult text="i hate shoes so musk" />
    <insult text="i hate spew so muck" />
    <insult text="i hate chew so munch" />
    <insult text="i hate brew so mugs" />
    <insult text="i hate june so month" />
    <insult text="i hate blooms so mulch" />
    <insult text="what did i do?" />
    <insult text="if anyone asks, i killed you" />
    <insult text="you don't like me, i don't like you" />
    <insult text="inb4 congratulations" />
    <insult text="it was pain!" />
    <insult text="there is a level cap. it's me" />
    <insult text="trouble is my middle name" />
    <insult text="we are as mayflies" />
    <insult text="natural twenty!" />
    <insult text="where does he keep it all?" />
    <insult text="the one day i don't clean up ..." />
    <insult text="go annoy someone else" />
    <insult text="think fast" />
    <insult text="i know that's you in there danny" />
    <insult text="i don't give a chainsaw" />
    <insult text="i don't understand doors" />
    <insult text="i don't see any traps" />
    <insult text="glyphs? don't you mean powerless graffiti?" />
    <insult text="quivering-bottomed weakling" />
    <insult text="silly-haired toilet cleaner" />
    <insult text="my poor virgin eyes" />
    <insult text="your skull must be filled with helium" />
    <insult text="that must be your dump stat" />
    <insult text="wub wub wub" />
    <insult text="i'm you from the future" />
    <insult text="there's no time to explain" />
    <insult text="no one mob should have all this power" />
    <insult text="well that escalated quickly" />
    <insult text="make me a sammich" />
    <insult text="silly hero dungeons are for monsters" />
    <insult text="you go first" />
    <insult text="pssst! save a sonic wand, trust me" />
    <insult text="move already, i'm bored" />
    EDIT: I'm semi-temporarily moving these taunts into my mod, ASCII Invasion. Catbread, if you return and decide to update Death by 1000 Taunts, please let me know and I'll take them back out to avoid any duplication issues.
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    "Hey guys, wouldn't it be funny if we all teleported through that wall?"
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    snape kills dumbledore
    this hand of mine is burning red
    my love, my anger, and all of my sorrow
    you've activated my trap card
    i was born this way baby
    your body should have ways of shutting this whole thing down anyway
    would you like your possessions identified?
    if you're with me, then everything's alright
    toki wa tomare
    omae wa mo shindeiru
    i warned you about adventurers, bro!
    the night is my veil
    pick up that can
    tell me, did you sail across the sun?
    happy explosion day, gorgeous
    you look like your face caught fire and someone put it out with a fork
    overrun, full swing for game
    press alt+f4 for free exp
    henshin a go go, baby
    i can't control it!
    they don't want a hero, they just want a martyr, a statue to raise
    buy some apples
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    Some of those are good, all need formatting to fit the game's general lack of capitalization and punctuation.

    I do like "pick up that can" in particular, though.
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    Format'd. I hope most of those get in, particularly the anime references and "would you like your possessions identified"

    also DEMACIA.
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  9. FYI, "Do you want your possessions identified?" is the traditional phrasing, and already in the mod.
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  10. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I'm a big fan of TETSUOOO! and KAANEEEDAAAAA!. I'd pay a dollar to someone who got a screenshot of two diggles yelling that at each other.
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    Many of those already were in.
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    I thought of some more taunts you might like c:
    Some might already be in the game or this mod, i can't be bothered to look through them all.

    this town ain't big enough for the two of us
    stranger danger
    this is why we can't have nice things
    can't we all just get along
    can't let you do that stardiggle
    pluto is not a planet
    them's fightin' words
    it's time for my pound of flesh
    strip the flesh salt the wound
    let's agree to disagree
    i'm the one who knocks
    my mother looked at me that way too
    for equestria
    i'm ready for prom
    you're a bad friend
    mom says i can't see you anymore
    this isn't the last thing i'll say
    you need a timeout, mister

    partially influenced by the psychos from borderlands 2 c:

    you get a car! you get a car!
    did you wash your hands
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    Might be a strange question, but did you add any with profanity? Personally, I think that profanity breaks the wittiness and humor of the taunts in DoD
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    Considering how long it's been (you are being a necromancer now), it'll take far less time if you simply grab the files and check for yourself (you can open it with any text editor), rather than wait for a response.
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    oh wow. Sorry, I didn't realize I was necroposting.

    In case anyone else is wondering, there's a lot of asses added [:)no pun intended of any kind], but not much worse afaik.
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    Eh, well, I haven't issues with accidental necromancy. Just, you know, it's that necromancers can't count on the knowledge of the wizards who were there earlier since those may very well be gone.

    Thanks for writing about what you found, in any case.
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