Deaf Knight: Can Dredmor Issue Noise Complaints?

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    Dredmor won't hear you coming, because you already blew his eardrums out seven floors ago.

    Adds the Deaf Knight skill tree to the game. Become a Knight of the Order of Heavy Metal, and bring forth loud music to the dungeon! Mechanically, it's a warrior skill tree with a number of abilities which last for about as long as their duration - that is, you can juggle the buffs and forgo your own actions to keep them up, or just let them slide off. Also, be aware that there are MASSIVE penalties to sneak. Should be self-explanatory as to why.

    REQUIRES REALM OF THE DIGGLE GODS. There's no way I'm not leaving "Denim Jacket" as the starter equipment. I would have gone with the axetar, but that's just a little way-too-overpowered. I might be convinced to make a "practice" version of an axetar, though...

    As always, feedback is welcome. I tried to keep the damage low as to not become overpowering, but the sheer utility available (plus the defensive boosts) may have resulted in that anyway.

    Gain a bonus to haywire and critical hit chance, as well as a bonus to sight, for 12 rounds.

    Gain a large list of defensive bonuses, but your sight and trapsight are stripped to a point where blindness is the only fair thing to call it.

    Heavy Riffin':
    A very short-lived buff will blast away those nearby. Will end as soon as you hit or are hit.

    Dat Bass:
    +2 crushing, blasting, voltaic, and conflagratory damage for 4 rounds.

    Sludge Metal:
    Create a trail of acid behind you, but watch out! There's no acid resistance granted, so if you don't keep a move on, you'll start melt yourself.

    AoE debuffs, plus slight asphyxiative damage. You gain power from the center as long as you do not step into the smoke yourself.

    Post Black Metal:
    Just by attacking, create hordes of suicidal undead robots! Also, Judas Priest references! I don't think anything could be more metal.

    Wall Of Sound:
    Whenever you're struck, create a 'Wall of Sound' at your location. You can step out from it, but nothing - nothing! - can step in.

    Skillset total stat buffs: +9 armour, -105 sneakiness, +8 blast resist, +1 slash pierce crush necro aeth tox volt resists.

    I was kind of tempted to put in my own sound effects (guess what kind), but I didn't because of A) I just wanted to upload the thing! B) unsure of the reception they would receive, and C) file size. Think I should make one anyway?

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    Hell Yes.
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    While I doubt I'll use that skill tree (rogue builds and stuff, so I like having high sneakiness) I find it to be a nice addition to the game.

    Thumbs up for you, TSED.
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    I'm glad you guys like it!

    (Getting something so enthusiastic from big namers is a pretty big ego boost, too.)
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    Heavy Riffin doesn't seem to do anything until after you are hit
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    Alas, TSED wasn't here for the last two years, so any hope of having this fixed lies on someone who would decide that it's kosher to take someone else's mod apart.