Day 243, save game is rife with little bugs and one big bug, any debug help would be appreciated

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    (Update: I'm slowly working through this list and linking / referencing other threads if they have identified a workaround or a resolution.)

    I'll start by saying that I'd like to continue playing this specific save game if possible. I've grown sentimental. Can someone point me down the proper path to troubleshooting? Or point me in the right direction towards some fixes or tricks I could try to get things working again.

    I'm playing on Steam, experimental branch v1.0B. Save game #18 attached. (errr... file upload failed, save was too large? The save game is 20.8 MB. hmmmm.)

    List of bugs I'm experiencing in the game:

    1. Game stopper issue #1: I already fixed this one. My kitchen wasn't cooking any food, so I applied a fix from this thread and it seemed to fix the problem.


    2. Game stopper issue #2: Around 20 game days after fixing problem #1, I noticed the carpentry workshop has begun refusing to complete any tasking. The problem might be more widespread than just in carpentry.

    Workaround: Found a work around that works well enough to get me moving on. but it's still a bug: My commodities readout said that I had 12 logs, which is enough resources to make my workbench (and I could see some of the logs right outside the carpenter's shop). But since the carpenters were acting as if I didn't have enough resources, I decided to try harvesting some fresh logs and seeing if the carpenters would use the new logs (since they don't seem to like the old logs for some reason). Voila. Sure enough, they started working as soon as the new logs were delivered to their stockpile. I'm guessing that the '12 logs' listed in my commodities list were glitched and inaccessible to my carpenters. But as soon as I started adding new logs to the pile, the carpenters went straight for it. So I guess there's some termites in the old logs. (See what I did there... a bug in the logs... mmhmm)

    3. When I demolish the carpentry workshop, there seems to be a floating wall shrine left over... and I can't remove it.

    4. When I demolish and rebuild the carpentry workshop (in the same place) (over the floating wall shrine from #3), my game crashes the next time I save. (dmp file attached)

    5. My first bureaucrat office is glitched, if you click on it, it pulls up some weird 'demolish' screen, instead of the workshop screen. It is now just an empty shell of an unused building taking up space... I'm unable to demolish it.

    6. The building next to the glitched bureacrat office (laborer's home), is also glitched, and I can't seem to demolish it properly.

    7. There is a floating wall shrine glowing in bright green in the kitchen... at all times... it's hard to miss, and impossible to destroy.

    8. There are slews of dead skeletons scuttled around the outskirts of my town that won't get dumped, no matter how many times I order them dumped. I assume they are skeletons of loved ones, and the villagers are having trouble letting go.

    9. There are some spores laying around in my town that just don't seem to get hauled away anywhere.

    Thread link:
    Work around: You just need to forbid the item, then claim the item. Try it a few times until they haul it away.

    10. Setting my oven to 'maintain a minimum of 1 refined food' seems to make food forever. Since the food that is produced is called 'farmer stew', we never see 1 "refined food" in our stockpiles, so we just keep making more... More... MORE!

    11. When I go into module mode, some of my building foundations are blue and red like they're supposed to be, but some of my buildings have lost their color, and they're just... clear with a white border.

    12. In quite a few of my workshops, I'm not able to click the little up/down arrows and move my modules up or down in the priority queue. They seem to get stuck in the middle, and I can't shift them all the way to the top.

    13. When you click on the newer bureaucrats offices, it opens the workshop window okay. But the sub-window that you scroll through, starts off with a wonky scroll view. It displays the bottom of the scroll window, but as soon as you mouse wheel, it jumps to the top. ;/ Weird. It'd be fantastic if the scroll window would start 'focused' on whichever nation that bureaucrat's office was currently researching. (This applies to the science laboratory as well.)

    14. When you open a workshop and change the priority of items in the queue, the scroll bar jumps wildly... this is very annoying.

    15. The tooltip you get when you hover over the 'quality' of a building states that the max range is +6 through -6. I have several buildings with qualities higher than 6.

    16. When you 'maintain a minimum of 50 plankss' ... there's an extra s in the text. I'm guessing that this happens with any item name that doesn't easily become plural by adding an extra s to the end. See comment #B4 for potential dev solution.

    17. After demolishing a kitchen, there are a number of floating pots. (Near my corn field).

    18. After demolishing a building, the overseer isn't 'unassigned' first. The code needs to unassign the overseer before removing the building. (I have an overseer that looks like he's assigned to a carpentry workshop, but in reality, his workshop was destroyed days ago.) (Day 254: Caleb Joist)

    Workaround: If you assign the glitched overseer to another building, it seems to update his status appropriately. Then you can un assign him, and the world is right again.


    I think that I may have caused #5, #6, and #7 when I marked those items for demolition, then I went into the job queue and clicked 'cancel job' on like every job in the queue. I'm guessing this may have applied a layer of slime to the gears. But these things happened in like day 40, I've learned to live with and love my vestigial limbs. But I'll be happy if I can get them removed.

    Sorry this got so long, I didn't realize how many things I was 'skirting around' or 'dealing with' until I started writing them down and remembering them one at a time. ;\


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