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    There were a couple of capitalization typos in the mondb

    This edit I've uploaded hopefully should fix them

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    Atre you still working on this? Because I like these.
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    Thanks for the capitalization fix, that must've been what was causing those intermittent problems I was having

    My laptop died shortly after Christmas, and I lost all my notes and unfinished sprites. Not a huge deal, but I've been busy with other stuff and haven't really summoned the motivation to start again. I may be getting a break soon, maybe I'll do some more. Before my laptop bit the big one, I was thinking about doing some kind of interplay between the skills. Something like having skills from one class making other skills in others have extra effects (maybe hyperborean skills stacking a freezing debuff on use that conflagratory moves can thaw, a la Todoroki from Hero Academia; though I hesitant to touch conflagratory again since it's working basically correctly). What I really wanted to do was have a hidden final skill that only appeared if you had both skills, that combined them in some kind of way, but I don't think that's possible

    Anyway, thanks again! I'm glad somebody likes something I made :D
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    Any progress?
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    Based on the fact that the forum records their last log-in at a few months ago, I am not hopeful about it. But maybe I'm wrong ...