1.0D Creepy Night Severity

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  1. KROB5492

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    Good evening,

    Recently had a creepy night event in my 1.0D colony and it seemed vastly increased in severity over that experienced in 1.0B. Maybe this is intended, as the effect from 1.0B was hardly noticeable?

    Looking at the colonists memories, the creepy night modifier takes place so many times it seems to eliminate all other memories stacking -10 happiness and +10 fear/despair memories until almost the whole town is maddened with despair.

    Screens and save are attached.. Let me know if more is needed?

    Thank you.

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  2. dbaumgart

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    Hey! Yes, this was intended. (Is it too much? Open to hearing opinions.)
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  3. Unforked

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    Personally I'm a fan of how it is now. The more creep, the better... or anything that ups the challenge.
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  4. KROB5492

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    I don't necessarily feel like it was too much, since it was hardly noticeable before.

    The appearance of multiple memories does make it "look like" a bug to me, i.e. that an event is unintentionally firing multiple times.

    Maybe one memory (with an equally large effect as the multiple invidual ones) would make it look less like a bug, but it might be too easy to get your colonists to "forget" if it's only one entry.

    The event ended and 1 or 2 colonists pretty rapidly grew out of the funk, and I haven't had an opportunity to play since then..

    Update: I had a chance to play some more today and everyone returned to normal within 1 day.
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  5. BearCavalry

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    I don't have much of a problem with it as long as there is a way to counter it's effects.

    Also want to extend a thanks for your presence on the forums. It helps let the players know that the staff is hearing them, especially when it comes to bugs. Not all game dev's post, and in such cases I feel it leaves the players unsure their concerns are being heard.
  6. KROB5492

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    Agreed. Nothing like submitting a few dozen bugs and receiving no replies at all to make one grumpy. Granted, as forum size increases, so does the amount of work that goes into maintaining/moderating it..

    In case my edit was missed: After about 1 day of game time, almost everyone returned to normal.

    To elaborate: In this case, I would expect colonists to take more time to recover from an event that appeared to be so stressful.

    A question: Should a significant number of colonists continue to experience fear and despair for up to a week after the event?

    Perhaps the colony is exceptionally well managed and thus the majority of the impact was mitigated, but I doubt it.