Windows XP Crashing on floor 2

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by thecraww, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Just crashed to desktop on floor 2 after hitting a diggle farmer. Looked like the game went out right when it would've calculated damage. I've crashed on floor 2 twice before now, and I'm wondering if it's the mods I'm using. I'll list them below.

    Compleat Essential Skills
    Interior Dredmorating
    Extra Potions
    More Daggers
    More Dred (Item Pack)
    Craft Lockpicks
    A Debacle of Diggles

    Just a note, I didn't use any of the mod skills this run. I had tinkering, smithing, wandcrafting, alchemy, rogue scientist, bankster, and fungal arts (I swear I meant for there to be a magic skill in there somewhere, but I brainfarted and didn't want to restart by the time I realized).

    Are diggle farmers part of the diggle mod I have or are they vanilla? I was holding Little Black Book and a dagger encrusted with nails that also did some transmutative damage. That's all I can remember.

    EDIT: I've checked the steam page for a debacle of diggles, and it appears that killing diggle farmers will indeed crash your game. Maybe it's different for some people, but there are several comments on the page that claim this.