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    I saw a lot of complaints about crashing once they reached 60+ population. I have played many games where I reached the population cap, including one where I managed to blow it by getting to 167 colonists with my last wave of immigrants. I had no crashing problems.

    I also had not built a lot of decorations, furniture and modules. In this game I limited population severely and let the colony develop slowly to avoid the terrible lag I get once I reach about 75 colonists. However I have a ton of decorations, furniture and modules in each of my buildings. It is crashing on my regularly at this point. Maybe it is the amount of items built or large inventories that cause those late game crashes?

    I have attached the .dmp file.

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    The crash that promted me to post this .dmp file happened when I placed the exterior wall lamp from the kitchen module set. I reloaded and when I attempted to place it again, it caused the crash again. I am going to try with a different exterior wall lamp from a different building's module set and see if it happens again.