Crash during zoo about 80 percent of time + other bugs

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by kilter, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Bought this recently on Steam, and love it. Am playing on windows 7 on a fairly powerful laptop.

    I can get through zoos sometimes, but more often than not? Crash. Usually about halfway through killing everything, so it can be extremely frustrating. It seems to happen if I take too long to clear the zoo (for example, am low on magic/hp and need to spam spacebar to power up a lot).

    This seems more likely to happen with my non-melee characters who hide behind doors... it's incredible frustrating. it happens regardless of zoo size - from 50ish to 180ish

    I have NOT tried using a stairwell to try to 'save' halfway through in case of crash, because you lose the bonus item if you do that. which stinks.


    1) Alt-click works for most things, but does not seem to separate the machinery to make stuff or lutefisk conveters.
    2) After sorting my inventory once, a empty lutefisk convertor ended up on top of my stack of lutefisk converters... basically making me unable to access what used to be the top one, costing me about 1000 lutefisk (ack!)
    3) i hate to call my exploit a bug, but you can attack through closed doors. particularly useful for the 3 square sword strike.
    4) i'm pretty sure i've seen enemies counter from 3 blocks away using the 3 space sword strike. I know it happens if you attack through a door.

    that's all i can think of right now... but i don't even know that they compare to the fact that i can't get through monster zoos without a crash. incredibly frustrating.
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    couple more bugs i just thought of --

    5) you often can't mouse click in areas opened by levers
    6) sometimes clicking 'save and quit' acts like i clicked 'quit without saving' (permadeath)
    7) some uberchests are uberunopenable.
    8) summoned dragon will veer off if it sees creatures across a small gap, but will NOT fly over the gap to get the enemy. it also will stop helping you, since it's locked onto the other creature. If i jump across the gap, the dragon will follow and finally attack the creature.