Crash and no Autosave?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Wootah, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Wootah

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    So I just got on, played for 20 minutes and DoD locks up mid combat (just meleeing some robo on level 10).
    I force close it, And then get some steam cloud BS message (how do you turn that off?) and just click play. After the game loads, there is no auto-save under load game. I know for sure that it autosaved multiple times when I played. Hell, I even went down a floor during that time too.

    Anyway, I force closed it immediately after and this time waited for steam cloud to sync.
    It produced an autosave after downloading something, which when I try to load it kicks me back out to the main menu.

    Is there anything to be done to get back to where i was? I had gotten a sweet quest reward ring (like that never happens?!) and as unarmed i would rather not do it again and get some lame weapon.
  2. Warlock

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    You're boned. The same happened to me as well before I threw my hands up in despair and played DoD from then on as offline mode.