Windows 8 64-bit Crash and inventory gone

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    I am pretty sure this crash quite simply may have been caused by stealing from two different shops before triggering the alarm by moving.

    I traveled back to level 1 from level 6 with my leywalker class maxed with teleportation, so I could steal.

    On level 1, after taking 2 items from one shop and 3 items from a second shop and using the "teleporting but not walking" techique of keeping brax calm and unaware of trouble, I teleported near some stairs and took a step, which then sounded the alarms. I walked 3 more steps to the stairs to go to level 2.

    Oddly, the "you've been caught stealing" music kept playing rather than returning to normal. Nevertheless I was not being pursued and so I made my way across level 2, but the game crashed with a "this application isn't responding" message.

    I started the game up again and loaded the autosave. It had me On the stairs going down to level 2. I checked my inventory and it was empty. The equipped items were still there but nothing else. The pocket dimension was still normal of course.

    The music was also normal again, and dread collectors were no longer spawning. But when I went to the shop area, the ones that had spawned were still there, and brax was also flagged to aggressive. I managed to fight off 2-3 of them and kill brax as well, but I died. I would have teleported away, but the dread collectors blocked my way so I had to fight.

    I was using the following mods:

    Galactic Hitchhiker
    Kanadian Goalie
    Space Butterfly
    Conspiracy Victim
    Death by 1000 Taunts

    One irony is that I wasn't using any of these class trees anyway. But It has crashed before. I don't think it is mod specific.

    This was on permadeath.

    Strangely, the game still has my saved game, but I guess it's when I last saved, which was when I was level 5 and still on the first floor. I'll be using debug mode to create about the same setup and items that I had before, I suppose.
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