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  1. gnoming

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    Stumbled onto a fine steel axe with a name and lots of enchantments?

    If I craft this into a chain axe, will it keep the enchantments?

    Having crafted a ravager from raw materials it ended up with some bonus enchainments on it at the end?
    How did I do that?

    I have the no name expansion installed. Haven't got the diggle gods yet. But man am I looking forward to that pocket dimension. Dunno how you guys keep track of all the piles of stuff!
  2. Kazeto

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    No, it won't. Not as of yet, anyway.

    Right now, equipment pieces used as crafting ingredients are used like that - just crafting ingredients. So whatever bonuses you have on them, they would be lost.

    And if it's about high-tier weapons, then it's pretty simple. Many of them have something called "artefact quality", and what this does is add a number of random bonuses when the item is crafted or "dropped" from a chest.
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