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  1. Mashirafen

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    Despite the problem of inventory management being (somewhat) solved, there is still one thing that greatly deters me from taking crafting skills: the crafting interface.

    Especially with recipes added by mods, the time taken to find a particular recipe in the list can be massive, especially if you don't have all the ingredients or skill required to make it at the time. It's also a pain having to memorise or write down particular recipes that I want to aim for, and the alternative is to pick everything up and shove it in the pocket dimension - where I usually forget what I have in what quantities very easily. I'd like to put forward a few potential ideas for making crafting less of a pain.

    1. Split different types of recipes (food, armour, weapons, ammo, reagents etc.) into different tabs at the top of the crafting menu. This would mean a specific recipe could be found a lot faster. The tabs for each crafting utensil might not be the same - having a potions tab on the smithing anvil would be pointless.

    2. Have a list of 'favourite' recipes from which you can add/remove recipes for quick reference or use. This would mean you could always have recipes for your bolts, healing potions, whatever at your fingertips, and if there are any recipes you are working towards you can also see them easily to check what you need.

    3. Add a search function to the crafting interface. This would somewhat mitigate the need for either 1 or 2, and would also let you see what an item you just picked up could be used for if all recipes involving said item were displayed.

    4. The not-really-crafting-interface option: add some kind of sorter or contents list to the pocket dimension so it's easier to tell what you have and find it in the huge mess.
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    Lots of great ideas here. I'll throw in one more that I've suggested earlier:
    • Able to arrange all the recipes (e.g. moving them individually with mouse OR by item type/name/etc...)
    Obviously the new arrangements should be permanent until you rearrange them (e.g. Quitting the game doesn't reset the order)
  3. DungeonDragon

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    I second this. After I added recipes from my own mod there are tons of stuff to scroll. Tabs would be the perfect solution. It also would be a good idea to create your own tabs in mods.
  4. OmniaNigrum

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    This is more difficult that you probably think. But still good ideas all around. :D
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  5. Bohandas

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    Arranging by type or name sounds like a good idea. You should also be able to arrange by item level and craft level.
  6. DungeonDragon

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    I know that it is diffcult But dreaming is always nice :)
  7. adelmagne

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    the search / favorite thing could be easy
  8. Mr_Strange

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    I don't agree that tabs or additional sort criteria would help me much, but THIS (above) is a fine, fine idea. Allow me to flag recipes as favorites, and then add a sort tab to filter out everything but my favorites!

    I often play where I only want to think about 5-6 recipes, and being able to actually slim down the list to those few would be fabulous. It also seems like a pretty easy change. +10 to this idea!
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