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    I have no idea if this is RotDG specific, but it only happened since I got the DLC, so here it lies. I'm on a mac running 10.6.8, via Steam.

    Sometimes, when I open up my crafting window via an item, I get a blank page: no recipes listed at all. (This happens primarily for crafting with skills I don't have, but at N=2 I don't know if that's important). If I then try to scroll around in the empty page, DoD crashes.

    This has happened to two of my save files. In "Alkha", if you open the n-dimensional lathe, the problem shows up. It also happened once to "Ninjor", and now the game crashes any time I try to load Ninjor's save file.

    I've attached crashlogs for both. Not sure how to dig out the save files from Steam.

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  2. This only happened to me with the n-dimensional thing, but the new patchnotes say it is now fixed.