Crafting Bonus Stats - Function of Level???

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    This is perhaps an ignorant question, but I've noticed that sometimes when I craft an item that I wouldn't expect to have random magical properties (e.g. clockwork chainsaw) it will have random stat bonuses (e.g. +sneakiness).

    This is true even when the level of the item is equal to my crafting skill.
    Does one get some % of stat bonuses as crafting level increases (giving a reason to max a craft level even if you're making items below max craft level).

    Forgive the question if obvious, I only just started crafting now that the pocket dimension decreases the logistics of item storage.
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    As I understand it, the clockwork sword and axes have artifact levels (4 for the sword and regular axe, 6 for the upgraded axe), which gives it random bonuses when it's created. Check out the Dredmorpedia to see what has artifact levels (if you want to get spoilery):
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    Gotcha. Thanks.