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  1. Aegho

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    Let me preface by saying this mod is absolutely an unabashed cheat mod, and I have no qualms about it whatsoever.

    It lets you convert most(not everything from mods included) ingots, fruits, gems and alchemical ingredients into a single stack of the same. So you can carry 1 stack of ingots, 1 stack of fruit, 1 stack of gems, 1 stack of alchemy ingredients, and have access to everything. This is to reduce frustration with inventory management.

    There's also some reverse engineering from traps to a single component, some additional wooden weapons into hefty sticks, and two new items, a shoe bomb(plastic shoes+makeshift bomb, damage scales with tinkering), and a lockpick mold(1 iron ingot = potion you can quaff for 3 lockpicks).

    Required both expansions.

    Changelog 0.4 - Removed a duplicate recepie. Ingot conversion now considers steel/silver/gold/electrum worth 2 iron and platinum/aluminum worth 3 iron.
    Changelog 0.3 - Some recepie fixes, lots more recepies for reverse engineering traps.
    Changelog: 0.2 - Removed recepies that pointed to items in faxpax, because that made them buggy.

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  2. SkyMuffin

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    the thought of pooping out lockpicks sounds very...painful.
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  3. delta534

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    Bug report. You can craft infinite heavy sticks, since there are two recipes that take no inputs.
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  4. Aegho

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    Yeah found that one myself actually. :/ it's because they're the ones that require faxpax. Moving those recepies to the craftDB in faxpax fixes it. Updated version removed them.
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  5. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I'll put those in my next faxpax version. Those recipes make sense anyway, and I'm missing recipes for a bunch of my weapon/armor items.
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  6. SkyMuffin

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    Could you upload this to the Steam Workshop? :)
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  7. OmniaNigrum

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    This is the best time-saver in the game at current. If not for the limited inventory I would call this an outright cheat. But it can be used fairly. This mod alone prevents me from having to make multiple trips down and back up every flight of stairs to keep my pile of stuff.

    Thank you for this. :)
  8. azraile

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    This is awesome.

    Any chance of making a skill that combines all the crafting skills into one skill too?
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  9. Aegho

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    Not really, I may eventually make one just for personal use, but no not worth a release. It's simple to mod yourself, possibly one of the simplest mods you could possibly make, so it's not like you couldn't do it yourself.
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  10. swizard

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    This has already been mentioned, but are you planning on uploading this to the steam workshop?
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  11. Aegho

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    Just making some tweaks first. ;)
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  12. Aegho

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    Uploaded to workshop.
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