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    Yea, I can't understand why it wouldn't work.
    As far as I can tell the two mods are carbon copies of each other.
  2. SHiLLySiT

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    Er sorry, I zipped the smithing version wrong. It should be working now!
  3. Quick question! Are the smithing and tinkering versions compatible with each other, as in, can I install and use them both at the same time, effectively adding identical recipes to both the ingot press and the anvil? Sometimes I play tinkerers and other times smiths, but I don't like switching up my mods based on the save file I'm planning on loading.
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    I've never tried it but I'm fairly sure it would.
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    Hello SHiLLySiT, thanks for the mod it's exactly what I was looking for, cause I'm a crafting freak :)

    Speaking of ballance have you thought about the ability to recover 2 Ingots not for the 4th lvl but for the 6th lvl of Tinkering? My thoughts are that you have to be a real master in Tinkering to be able to recover more metal.

    Also are you planning to add recepies for "generic items-to-ingots" and crossbows-to-ingots?

    Right now I'm adding several recipies myself based on your mod.
    For example:
    4 Copper Wires > 1 Copper Ingot (lvl1)
    4 Pressure Plates > 1 Brass Ingot (lvl1)
    3 Brass Mechanisms > 1 Brass Ingot (lvl1)
    3 Brass Piping > 1 Brass Ingot (lvl1)
    2 Brass Mechanism+1 Brass Piping > 1 Brass Ingot(lvl1)
    1 Brass Mechanism+2 Brass Piping > 1 Brass Ingot(lvl1)
    3 Aluminum Tube > 1 Aluminum Ingot (lvl1)
    4 Voltaic Cell > 1 Zinc Ingot (Requires Tinkerer lvl 2)
    4 Spring loaded Power Core > 1 Steel Ingot (lvl 2)
    1 Slottet Bronze disc > 1 Bronze Ingot (lvl1) 2 Bronze Ingots(lvl6)
    1 Self sealing stem bolt > 1 Brass Ingot(lvl 2)
    I also added all crafted and normal crossbows, polearms and a couple of maces and axes.

    I put lvl restrictions to lvl2 for more complex mechanism like cells and cores

    I can sent you a CraftDB when I finish if you want/need.

    EDIT: After I added all(which prices are below ~2-3k zorkmids) axes, maces, polearms, throwing weapons and crossbows plus I added all traps and caltrops(to metal scraps) + your items I think there is no need for extracting 2 metal ingots, because there are tons of stuff which can be used as a metal source so I ended up with a lot of extra metal even while extracting only one Ingot
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    Yeah I've been meaning to get back to this and add other items I missed plus items added in the new expansions. If you want, you can send me what you've added and I'll add it in. :)
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    Well I gess I got bit impatient and made my own mode based on your work.:oops: I added almost all armor and weapons(except for the artifacts, wooden or other strange material weapons and items that worth more than 4000-5000zorkmids), plus implemented and expanded Chico's leather and cloth. Here's the link.
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