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  1. SHiLLySiT

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    Current Version: 1.2 ( June 22, 2012)

    Standard Installation:
    Steam Workshop
    Manual Installation:
    Download Smithing Version

    I've had this on the workshop for about a week now, but I figured I'd create a forum thread for people who prefer not to use the Steam Workshop. I also need to add support for expansion related items, so I'll post the separate archives here instead of posting multiple versions on the workshop.

    I don't know about you, but I always end up with tons of useless weapons that I try to horde until I can sell them. What if you could craft those weapons back into ingots? Well with this mod you can!

    The new crafting recipes can be found on the ingot press. In order to keep balance, the max number of ingots you can recieve is two; one ingot requires level 1 tinkering and 2 ingots requires level 4.

    Also, if I've missed an item that should be added (that doesn't fall under the above) please leave a comment!

    >> Must use fresh save for mod to take affect
    >> Must have at least level 1 tinkering
    >> Does not include expansion items at the moment
    >> Items that require multiple items to craft, I've chosen to return the most promient one

    * For items that require alchemy related ingredients, I am going to add them to an "extraction recipes" in the porta-still
    * Add expansion items

    * Nerfed ingot output: max ingots ever returned is 2; Level 1 tinkering is required for 1 ingot and level 4 tinkering for 2 ingots
    * Added smithing version; must download from the forum link
    * Added Rings
    * Added Amulets
    * Bumped to 1.0 as the mod now has everything I originally intended, but will continue to expand on it where I can
    * Added chest plates
    * Added shields
    * Added orbs (return cracked orbs)
    * Added Boots
    * Added traps (return pressure plates)
    * Added helmets
    * The minimum tinkering level is now 1 for all items
    * If an item used 3 ingots, level 1 will return 1 ingot, level 2 will return 2 ingots, and level 3 will return 3 ingots
    * Initial release
    * Only contains basic weapons that are craftable by the player - Crude Iron Sword, Rough Iron Sword, Iron Sword, Fine Iron Sword - both iron and steel varieties of swords, maces and axes
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  2. Daynab

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    Nice work, probably one I'll add to my collection.
  3. Eagle0600

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    Wouldn't it make more sense for this to be based on your highest of tinkering or smithing? Because I can see smiths wanting in on this too.
  4. SHiLLySiT

    SHiLLySiT Member

    Well in order to use smithing, I'd need to switch the crafting tool to the anvil. I felt that the ingot press was better suited for item "meltdowns", hence the required skill of tinkering. Unless there is a way to set what skill is required?
  5. Lorrelian

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    The ingot press is really associated with both skills, hence both skills getting it in loadout. Since both Tinkering and Smithing are reliant on Ingots, they both use the Press. Actually, I think the press lists all recipes in its library as smithing recipes with 0 skill required.

    You could make recipes that work both ways, but I think you'd need to different lists in the craftDB, one for smithing and one for tinkering. It could lead to a lot of clutter...
  6. hesuchia

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    I've noticed that the tool tag in craftDB seems to be hardcoded for specific instruments. I tested plastic ingot -> chalk in the disintegrator but no matter what little alterations I made, it would always be an alchemy-based reaction. (Don't worry, not cheating-- Experimenting. For science!)
  7. SHiLLySiT

    SHiLLySiT Member

    Meaning, there is no way to change the required skill type without also changing the tool?
  8. hesuchia

    hesuchia Member

    I think so. I changed tool tag to "tinkerer", which changed the tool and the requisite skill to Tinkering.
  9. SHiLLySiT

    SHiLLySiT Member

    Ah, then it does work as I thought. No matter, as even gaining one ingot from an item is better than none at all for characters with only level 1 tinkering.;)
  10. Saharan

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    I'd use this, but it seems a bit too overpowered. Ingots are naturally scarce, and this floods your inventory with them. Perhaps some sort of alternate order? Say instead of Weapon > Ingot, maybe Weapon > ItemA, and then ItemA x5 > Ingot?
  11. SHiLLySiT

    SHiLLySiT Member

    Updated! Nerfed ingot output and added smithing dependent version.
  12. Hello I am interested in a mod able to turn traps into its ingredients... maybe to craft better or different mines than the ones I disarmed. Are you interested in adding a trap meltdown system? Maybe it could be a different mod.
  13. SHiLLySiT

    SHiLLySiT Member

    Well this mod already "melts" traps into pressure plates. I've also been trying to get an update out that extracts the various alchemy ingredients used in traps. However and more complex trap meltdown system does sound pretty cool. I'll give it some thought.
  14. Ithmian

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    I have the steam version of DoD, and cannot seem to install the smithing version of this mod. Could anyone help me? I'm just not sure where to extract it to, because I cannot find the mods folder.

    The mods I have from Steam workshop work and perform perfectly, but I'm having some trouble with this manual download.
  15. SHiLLySiT

    SHiLLySiT Member

    Manually installed mods go in a different folder than workshop ones (it also took me awhile of researching to realize this).

    Create a new folders called "mods" in "C:\Users\%YOUR NAME%\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor\" if it does not exist already and drop the mod archive in there.
  16. Ithmian

    Ithmian Member

    Hm. Didn't seem to work. I'll keep trying stuff, though. Thanks!

    And by drop it in, you mean extract the zip into, right? Sorry, I don't use mods often, so it's a bit foreign to me!
  17. SHiLLySiT

    SHiLLySiT Member

    Did you make sure that the mod was enabled in the launcher? They do not seem to be enabled by default.


    Hi, I tried to use your direct download smithing version but found it didn't work until I renamed the archive to 'meltdown'. Just a heads up.

    EDIT: whoops, that didn't fix it at all. I still can't get the manual install to work for the smithing mod. Will keep trying though!

    EDIT: EDIT: FINALLY GOT IT WORK. I have no idea why, but taking the tinker mod and changing "ingot" to "smithing" and then repackaging it made it work. Still not sure why it wouldn't show up in the mod loader in the first place.
  19. I am using the Smithing version installed manually and I did not have that problem...