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  1. Sharp looking icons, I am a terrible artist, my icons for the leather goods in my mod can attest to that. Have you ever considered adding a Steampunk power armor styled update for the Steel Plate Gorget necklace? I was always curious why there were no better necklaces with armor on them that were craftable by default, you effectively have to luck into a magical upgrade if you want a few points of armor and some additional resists. I know there are better necklaces, but early on the Gorget is useful and I think some more advanced upgrade options in the Craft'n'Smelt style could be pretty cool additions to the game for characters that have a smithing/tinkering build, provided they had the resources to craft them.

    Some new cloth and leather armors would be awesome too of course, I initially wanted my Leather mod to identify the creature type from the corpse it was used on, so that I could add fibers from vegetable monsters to weave cloth as well, but the game doesn't differentiate between corpses in that way. I had planned to have the cloth be treatable with a variety of potions to create better materials so mages could craft a variety of new robes but when I wasn't able to get the fiber/cloth thing to work I cut that part out of my mod and gave up on the idea.
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    Well, I can do that, however the niche of after mid game and late game amulets is already filled with "backpacks".

    Can you show me which mod exactly is yours? I was thinking to maybe make an integration version of my mod which includes interesting crafting mods. As I understand right now in Dredmor it is possible to merge different items, so if you have a leather item and I have leather item, it can be treated as the same one. If not there is always a walkaround to create a bridge recipe.

    I wanted to make a full leather and cloth update, thing is when I was still playing I was really into heavy armor and didn't have much experience with rouges and stealth type players, so I made only a few of leather/cloth recipes.
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    You could always make a targetkillbuff on a skill or item and sort that by taxa. That should work.
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  4. My mod is just titled "Leather" and is on the Steam Workshop as well as here ( http://community.gaslampgames.com/threads/craft-leather.3749/ ). I'm not sure how I'd go about structuring it to accept leather from either mod. I looked into those alternatives at the time Iccorp, but I didn't want to make the skinning knife a cheap wand that was useful in combat, and it wouldn't make sense for a wand that was effectively flaying creatures alive not to do any damage. I also didn't want to make a cheap weapon that would allow perpetual skinning with only one ingot invested, which could easily add a significant amount of gold to early floors or a ton of lutafisk. I tried to make it feel balanced, even though I really mostly made the thing for myself.
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    Hey, hope this the right place to post a bug report.

    I've had the mod on Steam Workshop for a while, and I started a new game to find out that there were blank spots in my crafting list for ingredients. This results in two things.

    1. If it's only one, like [blank] = flour, I can make infinite amounts of whatever the crafting recipe is for.
    2. If it's got more than one blank space in the ingredients list, it instantly crashes the game. No error message, just a CTD.

    I tried the Lite version, the advanced version, with it as my only mod, starting a new game... nothing's worked at all. Can you help?
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    First thing you need to look at for blanks is either incorrect installation or maybe a conflict with another mod(however it's not the case if you tried my mod without any other mods).
    Another thing is my mod requires ALL 3 addons for dredmor.

    Maan, people are still using my mod, I guess I must do my update :))))
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    What can I say, I have an unnatural obsession with cooking in video games. Plus, being able to get more ingots feels more satisfying than selling a pile of trashy maces for enough zorkmids for a soda, if I'm lucky.

    Apparently, it WAS an incorrect install, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how it happened, or how I fixed it. I deleted every single bit of Dredmor data I could find on my computer, including saves and mod packages, and reinstalled from scratch. A new character got a fixed list, so I'm not sure what the heck the problem was.

    EDIT: And my pared-down list of five mods worked fine with it. I have no idea; maybe one of my old mods corrupted a base file or something?
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    Maybe, it happens, also maybe mod lost some packets while downloading from Steam.

    Gonna check my new version v1.11 and will release it soon. Main changes will be graphics, typos and lockpick cases are gonna be potions again, because as shrooms they can be made with fungal arts.
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    Updated the mod and changed the logo :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I called this last update a shiny addition because everything now is SHINY and with better graphics.
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    Is this mod balanced with Going Rogue in mind or Elvish Reality Reborn in mind? I want to know so I can tell whether to use this mod for GRPD or not since I have no intention to Play ERR.
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    I would call it 'purposefully unbalanced', as it's a bit of a cheat mod. The mod itself works fine, but it unbalances both crafting and food supply. As I said, this is clearly by design, for those crafters who want an easier time of it.
  12. Arron Syaoran

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    Cheat mod as in easier deaths or Cheat mod as in easier wins? Because if it is the latter then I'm uninstalling this mod permanently.

    Edit: Easier deaths as in making the game unplayably hard, like Kaizo, Easier Wins as in Cheap Dredmor Kills.

    Reddit: I also wonder if Meltdown and Leather Crafting are also considered cheat mods or not. And as always, what KIND of Cheat mod if they are(Easy Mode or Unplayably Hard)
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    I wouldn't call it easy mode, but it does makes getting mats (particullarly ingots) for crafting and high-quality food a lot easier.
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    Well I'm still going to uninstall all 3 mods(takes up tonnes of Craft Menu Scrolling, less mods = less crashes), and I think part of the challenge in Dredmor is difficulty getting mats. I would definitely reconsider these mods in a NTTG without Perception/CK/RS build. But then again, I almost never play NTTG, especially if I'm modding(more mods = more items + less brax shops = less chance of getting a good item from brax)

    Edit: I have all the time in the world tbh. If I wanted to, I could play WoW for 4 hours a day.
    Edit Again: But then again I hate MMORPGs because of one-time only vanity crap that ruins my completionist perspective.