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    Wow, I've just realised I wrote "Cannon Folder" instead of "Cannon Fodder" in every instance of the mod :confused:
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  2. Alavaria

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    Just looking at these new things and the "recycling" is pretty exciting.

    I started a game with this mod, and your elvish reality mod (and the more difficult monsters).. Accidentally left the permadeath option on, so this will be interesting...
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    I doubt it would be a possible playthrough :) Elvish reality needs a bit of an experience boost(I made a bit different version but never released it), to be playable. And with no permadeth :)
  4. Alavaria

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    Speaking of which, is it possible to update your current version of ER with your shiny new Expanded Pocket Dimension?

    We'll see, I might surprise you there. Might die a ton, but that's all fair unless the mod kills saves... Well, challenge accepted. Doing my "research" now.


    It would be cool if it was possible to make Wooden Bolts though. Maybe something like a wood resource that wooden things break down into (Wooden Bits?). Also "The Log", that useless item, should break into tons of Wooden Bits.

    Edit: Heh, the game gave me some nice stuff. A Steel Cuirass, Transdimensional Axe (drops) and even one of the clockwork limbs (fountain). All this in level 1 :)

    EDIT2: I might be wrong, but doesn't the damage from "power fists" add not only to melee damage (eg: A sword + powerfist will not trigger Bad Weapon even if you are not Dual Wielding) but also to thrown & crossbow damage? (eg: A clockwork rail launcher & dual powerfists),

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  5. DungeonDragon

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    Power fists are the only thing I've never tested and ballanced, so it could possibly be overpowered. Technically power fists are shields.

    As for the ERR mod well the problem starts at 10th level of the dungeon(ERR+harder monsters+ACnS+Room expantion mod). I couldn't go deeper than that with this mod, but increasing exp reward did the trick.

    ERR and EPD and compatible you just have to install EPD over ERR. It will update you pocket dimention :)

    Hmm power limb on the first level I guess I have to increase the drop level to deeper dungeons :)

    Wooden bolts? My mod do not add any bolt recipies. As I recall there are several very good mods that adds bolt recipes.

    Wow I never would've thought anyone will be using this mod again :) That's kind of intersting
  6. Alavaria

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    Yep, if they are shields, then like items such as Universal Principles, their damage bonus is added to everything, so throwing weapons and crossbows will also get the damage listed on the power fist.

    Possibly, but not one with recycling ;) . I only bring it up since on level 1, you get things like wooden sword, wooden shield, hefty sticks. The random iron swords I can break down into scrap iron but not all these wooden things, and naturally I think making ammo out of it would be cool :p Something like Item => Wood sticks => Wooden Bolt or so on.

    I love carrying the stuff back to my (expanded) pocket dimension and then breaking down stuff and then making things like ammo or food. Gonna have to use a LOT more of both on this harder difficulty with the stronger mobs - they can really hurt.

    Kinda have an idea to write an amusing story. DoD makes it a lot easier since the items and skills are hilarious. Have you seen the description for the buff that you get when using the Clockwork Knight final skill?
  7. Alavaria

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    After some playing, there's some interesting stuff I found:

    Power fist damage does NOT add onto crossbow damage, despite the character panel suggesting it does.
    However, power fist damage DOES add onto throwing damage.

    Also, Large Lockpick cases (at least these) are mushrooms. And the Mushroom transformation skill in Fungal Arts will turn mushrooms into large lockpick cases. (I assume it's because you are using the same code that spawns puffballs).

    I don't know if it's just me, but several times I've seen Brax stocking Elite Clockwork equipment in low level shops. In one playthrough, I've seen the Elite thrasher, elite shield and elite gauntlets (also a normal boilerplate helm) in DL 1. Also got the top level clockwork limb from a fountain.
  8. DungeonDragon

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    Looks like there are a lot of things to polish in this mod. I don't really know why these things are spawning at so early stages. I wonder if there is a method to complitely prohibit an item to spawn from a certain levels. Strange thing is, I remember putting pretty low level spawning on Elite Equipment. I really wanted to make Elite items to be crafting only.

    Btw I do remember items at Braxx store on early levels, That is the reason I've made my item prices so ridiculously high.

    Maybe I'll make an update but right now I'm too busy with translating and spriting for a big mod for a pretty good strategy game called Eador:Genesis.
  9. Arron Syaoran

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    Are the new food items/recipes in Craft and Smelt Light as well? I find it very annoying to have an inventory full of nothing but food.
  10. DungeonDragon

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    As I desribed in the first post, these are the only differences

    - Differences between Advanced Craft'n'Smelt(ACnS) and Craft'n'Smelt Light(CnSL) are:
    ACnS - Items that produce scraps will produce Ingots on lvl 7
    - Gems assembling requires 4 Gem Crumbs
    - Water recipe requires 3 Alcohol
    - Throwing weapons produce Rust (1/3 of Iron Ingot)
    - Amethyst and Amber give 2 Crumbs on level6
    - 4 Pressure Plates give 2 Brass Piping
    CnSL - Items that produce scraps will produce Ingots on lvl 5
    - Gems assembling requires 3 Gem Crumbs
    - Water recipe requires 2 Alcohol
    - Throwing weapons produce Scrap Iron (1/2 of Iron Ingot)
    - Amethyst and Amber give 2 Crumbs on level5
    - 4 Pressure Plates give 1 Brass Ingot

    Oh and try Elvish Reality Reborn believe me, food is the last items that will remain in your inventory. :cool:
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  11. Arron Syaoran

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    I would try it, but I don't like to edit the core game. I use steam most of the time to play DoD, and I'm a bit skeptic about game crashes, which do happen sometimes(Usually when going downstairs for the first time, happens more often on modded games, one time DoD froze when I exited a PD while autosaving)

    Edit: For the record, has anyone ever beaten or even faced Lord Dredmor on Evilish Reality?
    Also: I like how Evilishly Easy is replaced with a harder difficulty; There shouldn't ever be an easy mode in a Roguelike where only Going Rogue seems to be the right difficulty compared to other Roguelikes.
  12. Alavaria

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    I did it with that and the More Difficult Monsters mod on.

    Also, it's Elvish Reality, not Evilish ;)
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  13. Arron Syaoran

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    Elvish Reality IS EVILISH. It's being evil to the player. Also, Elvishly Easy is also Evilish because it's unfairly easy. No game should ever be that easy or that hard.
  14. DungeonDragon

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    I'm thinking about making a small update to ACnS and CnSL, I wonder if anyone else has suggestions about this mod.

    I also have a question I can't seem to remember how to remove items from shoplist completely. Right know Elite items are sold even on 1st dungeon level, so I made prices super high, but you can steal these with certain classes.

    CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.it

    CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.it
  15. lccorp2

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    special="1" and craftoutput="1" in itemDB should do it.
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    OmniaNigrum liked your post in the thread [Core]Expanded Pocket Dimention.
    OmniaNigrum liked your post in the thread Mod XML Validator.

    At last, maaaan I was starting to get really worried, I mean when OmniaNigrum stops liking your posts, truly there is something wrong with you!
    Past several months I built a lot of anxiety, you know, because no matter how much I've posted I had no likes from OmniaNigrum. None at all - I mean zero likes!!!

    Now I'm relieved, even though there are still posts to be liked, my hope has been revitalized.

    With OmniaNigrum "likes" it's like this: at first you enjoy them, then they start getting old and you stop appriciating those likes. But when OmniaNigrum stops liking your posts you feel that something is wrong - you start missing them likes :)
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  17. Am I correct in thinking that the Silver Dagger is a part of ACnS? It is registering as a Sword class weapon (using the newest build on Steam), and also seems fairly underpowered, given that it is barely an upgrade from the Shiv. I also like your leather icon quite a bit, my icons in my leather mod are fairly ragged, but given that I made my mod primarily for my own use I didn't put a ton of effort into the icons. The cowboy leather gear looks absolutely awful, heh... I assume the Piezoblade recipe is hidden? I've never run across it, despite some of the room mods I run having a ton of shelves, but that is probably mostly due to my terrible luck.

    Have you considered adding some encrusting options? I think that some cloth and leather encrusting options might make those materials more useful, but then again I haven't looked into how one would go about adding new encrusting recipes. Have you added any leather recipes? I always felt that the lightly armored counter/dodge oriented builds lacked good armors, especially late-game options. I'd love to see some Infused leathers, perhaps using a variety of Alchemical potions and leather to create new types of leather and utilizing some of the advanced Elite Clockwork Power Cores or something along those lines. ACnS is a great mod, and makes crafting builds much more viable deeper in the dungeon.
  18. DungeonDragon

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    Thanks for the feedback :) It's good to know that people still play my mod :)

    I can't remember about siviler dagger, gonna look in a few days. As for the encrusts, I would love to add them, but I stopped playing games completely about 6 months ago, so I won't and don't have any practical data on what encrusts should be, only theories.

    I've added some leather reciepes but not new leather items. I just made some existing leather and cloth items craftable.

    I'm thinking on reworking some Elite Clockwork Weapons graphics( make them in the violet palette) and change the shape of Clockwork Elite Power Helm.

    Also I'd like to change those god damn "Folder" mistakes.:resist_conflagratory:
  19. DungeonDragon

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    My skills in spriting are improved, so I renewed and redone some sprites. I think that is the way I always wanted them to be, but I couldn't do it before. :)
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    Made some more items, edited post above and made new Logos


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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