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    Behold the power of Her Majesty's Personal Cannon Folder Elite Brigade

    About the mod
    The main goal is to diverse crafting and to smelt things into ingots for storing and recycling purposes. Also to introduce new crafting materials(cloth and leather), to actually be able to disassemble one piece of cloth and create another.

    - Differences between Advanced Craft'n'Smelt(ACnS) and Craft'n'Smelt Light(CnSL) are:
    ACnS - Items that produce scraps will produce Ingots on lvl 7
    - Gems assembling requires 4 Gem Crumbs
    - Water recipe requires 3 Alcohol
    - Throwing weapons produce Rust (1/3 of Iron Ingot)
    - Amethyst and Amber give 2 Crumbs on level6
    - 4 Pressure Plates give 2 Brass Piping
    CnSL - Items that produce scraps will produce Ingots on lvl 5
    - Gems assembling requires 3 Gem Crumbs
    - Water recipe requires 2 Alcohol
    - Throwing weapons produce Scrap Iron (1/2 of Iron Ingot)
    - Amethyst and Amber give 2 Crumbs on level5
    - 4 Pressure Plates give 1 Brass Ingot

    1. This mod contains almost all weapons which price is not above ~4000 zorkmids.
    That means almost all swords, daggers, axes, maces, polearms, crossbows, thrown weapons and several generic item recipes.
    2. All armor that has been in SHiLLySiT's meltdown mod and more
    3. This mod has all incredible Chico's food recipes plus a couple of mine.
    4. All Chico's leather and cloth recipes and more.
    5. Lockpick cases for tinkerers.
    6. Almost all traps and caltrops ballanced meltdown.

    - All weapons produce only 1 metal Ingot, but that is more than enough. When I made to dungeon lvl 4, I had 30 Brass Ingots and 40+ Iron Ingots.
    - Crude, Rusty and Rough Items produce Scraps instead of Ingots until Smithing/Tinkering level 5
    - Cheap Daggers produce Scraps until Smithing/Tinkering level 4
    - Traps produce only pressure plates
    - 4 pressure plates can be melted into 2 Brass Piping
    - Caltrops produce scraps of different kinds, caltrop eruptors produce ingots of different kind(based on the caltrop material)
    - Lockpick cases(these are potions that produce picks) it's one recipe that evolves with your Tinkering skill. There are 3 types of Lockpick cases Small(contains 1 lockpick), Medium(5 lockpicks) and Large(8 lockpicks)
    Tinkering level 1 to 4 will produce > 1 to 4 Small Lockpick cases respectively
    Tinkering level 5 will produce > 1 Medium Lockpick case
    Tinkering level 6 will produce > 1 Large Lockpick case
    - I added a couple of sandwiches because i always found myself with a lot of bread.

    You have to start from the very beginning, saves that were made without the mod or with other versions of THIS mod WON"T WORK.

    Numbers, because we all love them :)
    (This mod features)
    105 weapon meltdown recipes
    97 armor meltdown recipes
    47 traps and caltrops disassemble recipes
    25 leather and cloth crafting recipes
    45 leather and cloth disassemble recipes
    17 Generic item crafting/meltdown recipes
    25 Cooking recipes
    34 Gem crashing and crafting recipes
    9 Still recipes
    6 Smithing items and recipes
    15 New armour items and recipes
    10 New weapons and recipes
    Some examples:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Chico - for his incredible food, nice leather and cloth recipes and graphics.
    SHiLLySiT - for his cool meltdown mod idea.
    Me :)

    Known issues:
    Leather, Cloth, Triple Iron and Triple Brass, don't work when they are given as a starting equipment, that means they can't be used as a crafting ingridients. This is a game bug and the only walkaround I know is to restart a game, so you'll have a different starting items set.

    Version Log
    v 1.11S The Shiny Addition !!!
    A lot of item graphics was improved, changed colours, added realistic glows, overall item graphics improvements. Fish paladin mini-effect now have a better image. Now items look like I wanted them to be in the first place.
    - fixed some typos
    - lockpick cases are potions again, to avoid the fungal arts skill abuse.

    v 1.10
    All items that costs less than 1600zorkmids now produce Scraps until Smithing/Tinkering level 7. Added more armour and weapons smelting recipes. New type of weapons - 3 Fist weapons Power Gloves for Unarmed Combat fighters. New Item Imperial shield. Now ALL imperial items require gems. Diamond, Emerald, Sappire and Ruby will give you 2 crumbs on Tinkering/Smithing lvl5. Amber and Amethyst on lvl6. Removed Imperial Clockwork Sawblade from secret recipes(Recipe #7 is now a Power Glove) and gave it more simple recipe. All soup recipes now have water as an ingridient. Replaced Grilled fish with goldfish. Now fish is more useful(added 2 fish based recipes)
    As of v 1.7 it's now in SteamWorkshop

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    I wonder if anyone have any thoughts about this mod.
    There are a couple of vanilla leather recipes like Leather Girdle or Thick Leather Work Gloves and they are smithing recipes. I'm thinking about maybe moving some heavy leatherwork into smithing skill.
    I'm also interested in any other feedback and suggestions.
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    Found a missing spell, I used in ItemDB. Fixed several other things in version 1.4. Since missing stuff can cause CTD I strongly recommend to redownload a new version
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    Came up with a ballance idea, that all crude, rusty and items like wooden crossbow can be melted into scraps(until lvl 5), to prevent buying cheap weapons early and melting them into ingots right away.
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    While fighting my way deeper into the dungeon I find out that I lack of water which is a major coocking ingridient. I also found myself with tons of ground meat(which I had to turn into Skol! :)). Finally there is a lot of cheese grinding and all recipes that include it are very cheap to come by. So I nerfed some recipes and added couple of meat based. I also added the ability to make water from oil of vitriol and alcohol. Being a warrior I always had to either Skol! or sell alcoholic bewerages, now you can turn them into water and jump into cooking frenzy :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I decided to add an Elite Emperial Clockwork set of armour. So that a clockwork knight with very good tinkering(level8) could create a very good plate of armor for himself.


    With several other fixes I'll upload it in a v1.7
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    Got this error in 1.5.. If I install 1.6, will my save be usable again or no? :(

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    Hmm that's strange, never had corrupted saves with any version of the mod.

    I also tested v1.5 until dungeon lvl 11.

    Since there is a check that there must be all 3 expantions installed, I presume you have the lastest 1.1.2 version with all the expansions.
    Are you using any other mods besides this one?

    I tested this mod only with Interior Dredmorating and More Difficult Monsters

    Btw if you need v1.5 PM me your email I can send you this version
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    I'm using a LOT of mods (39 of them.. A lot are individual skill mods). Never had issues with a save getting corrupted before (and I've been using this mod as well since 1.2). Using any of my other saves was working just fine, just 1 of them got the corrupted message. It's really odd. I dunno, it's not really a big deal tho, was only at dungeon level 4 with that character. Was just wondering that if I updated to the latest version if it might save my saved game.

    Oh btw, those Elite Emperial pieces are really awesome looking.
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    Thanks :)

    Just now I'm working on a couple of more Elite equipment - an improved power limb(ring) and Clockwork power core - it's going to be a crossbow that doesn't give any bonuses to shooting and won't exactly look like crossbow. But it'll give resistances. Main idea is to utilise a crossbow slot for bonus stats(for a melee char).
    I'm also thinking about new amulet, because when I reached Dungeon level 11 the best amulet I had was a Cybertronic Amulet which is boring and I also am not satisfied with 90% of DoD amulets being without properties.

    As for the crash, maybe a recent mod you've installed caused it. I'm not really familiar with DoD mods incompatibility issues :confused:
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    Well, I guess the crashing might come from Chucky's carnival. It's the latest mod I added and I keep getting that error on any saves that uses the mod :/
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    Thanks for the feedback I'll take a peek into the carnival mod. Though it's rather strange. I wonder if you have any crashes with all mods you have(including mine) besides Chuky's Carnival
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    I do get random crashes when going down stairs and very rarely when using a lever. But I didn't get any save corruption from those. I just reload the game and it's fine. But meh, the occasional crashes don't bother me too much anymore. Getting used to them >_>
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    When I use a lot of mods I get several random crashings from time to time. But never had save corruptions.

    Btw I got a bit of an urge to get to the bottom of this problem. :) So if you be so kind to tell me when this crashes happen? I mean how much time and dungeons levels pass and how many(more or less) items you create using both mods. Because I used Chucky's mod with mine and after running through the 1st level, saving and loading I didn't get this error.
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    It started around DL4. I crafted a few bolts with chucky's (maybe 50ish), and I dunno how many things I crafted/broke into components with yours.. Upwards of 100 for sure. It might be a combination of the other mods I use as well tho. As an example, before I disabled Chucky's last night, I ended up getting the corrupted save message for Wrestlemancy instead of yours (I wasn't even using the skill for that game). After I disabled Chucky's, I didn't get a single corruption message anymore. So it might not even be related to an incompatibility between the two of yours but between Chucky's and something else. A mod compatibility program would be so sweet to have :p

    Edit: Just for reference, the mods I have enabled right now are the following: Yours, Baristacrat, Barrier Maiden, Compleat Essential Skills, Cooliomancy, Craft Lockpicks, Druid Magic, Elemental Warrior, Fairy Princess, FaxPax, Galactic Hitchhiker, HexBlade, Horrid Thing, Interior Dredmorating, Jay's Mega Phoneme mod, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Kanadian Goalie, Laser Surgery, Lunar Heritage, More Dred, Dungeons of Equestria, Roguish Renovation, Star Lawyer, Summoner, Swashbucklers, Vaults of Maslech, Usurper, WandCraft ROTDG, War Weaver, Wind Magic and Wrestlemancy.. I have Chucky's (and a few more) but these are the only one that are always enabled.
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    Heh, yeah I read about mod compatibility in a couple of threads it can be a pretty random thing I also don't see anything related to my mod inside Chucky's mod, so I guess it's beyond me for now.
    Yep, the compatibility program would be a life saver

    Thanks for the info anyway. :)

    Mod info
    When I finish version 1.7 and test it a bit I I'll upload this mod to the SteamWorkshop
    A major thing in 1.7 will be high level Tinkering recipes for clockwork knights, so they can craft themselves from head to toe. This equipment maybe a bit overpowerfull but in worst case scenario it will require level 7 Clockwork knight level 6-7 Tinkering and level 6 Smith to create everything for yourself. Recipes won't be hidden because they are pretty difficult to come up with.
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    Ok I'm nearly done with 1.7 just need some testing, here are new Elite Clockwork Eqipment 7 Top Secret :) weapons, because I've always felt that it's strange that among clockwork weapons only Axe and Sword are very good, others are half decent, 3 rings, 2 amulets, a belt and 3 crossbow slot items.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I also changed lockpick cases graphics to be actually cases (old on the left, new on the right)

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    Oh, one slight issue, I dunno if it's something you can actually check for, but I can eat meat/cheese stuff as a Vegan if they're part of your recipes.
  19. DungeonDragon

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    Thanks for the feedback Rakankrad I'll check meat recipes I guess I missed meat variable.
    As for the cheese, well I dunno. I'm a vegan myself(in RL) and I eat cheese a lot. I wanted a vegan to have more recipes to consume, but I'lll see what I can do.

    Btw can you give some examples of meat recipes, cause as I see they all have anti-vegan check.
  20. Rakankrad

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    I don't mind if they can eat cheese, I agree that they're lacking in terms of food types in game (and in RL, not all vegans refuse to eat milk produce, so keeping the cheese as vegan-eatable is fine by me).