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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Saabre, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Saabre

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    First the game seems to be conflicting with my firewall. If I have my firewall (Avast) running the game simply freezes after a couple of seconds before any windows open up and causes my entire computer to lock up. The only way I've found to get out of this is to reboot. Normally when I run a new program the firewall will ask if the program has permission to be doing whatever it needs to do, but with this game that never happens.

    The second problem is that it seems not everything is showing up that is supposed to when I am playing the game. There is no health bar as mentioned in one of the tutorials nor is there Icons to advance past the skills page. Here are a couple of screen shots to show what I am talking about.

    I'm using Windows XP.
  2. Misery

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    That looks like a potential glitch with your graphics card, or something similar.

    At least, when I've seen that problem in the past with other games, that's what it tends to be.

    Make sure all your drivers (and related things) are updated as far as they can be before running this.

    Also see if changing the resolution causes the stuff to appear.

    As for the firewall... dunno what to tell you on that one. Hopefully someone else that knows firewalls can assist.

    Good luck, hope ya get it all working.
  3. Saabre

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    oops, sorry, I listed my firewall as Avast, that's my antivirus program. My firewall is PC Tools Firewall Plus.

    Well I think my video card is getting outdated. I haven't upgraded it in a while. I did recently upgrade the drivers for it so I could play another game recently. I probably just need to break down and by a new video card.
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    Did you set your firewall to allow DoD traffic through? If not try that.
    As for the other thing do as the other person said and update your drivers. If that fails, try deleting the local content and re installing it.
  5. Saabre

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    Well I'm not sure how to manually set the firewall to let things through. As I mentioned the firewall usually pops up with a request for a new program to be let through and I do it that way. I'll see if I can find a way to do it manually, though.
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    You can turn off your firewall/anti virus temporarily and reinstall to see if that's the problem at all.
  7. Saabre

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    I do turn off my firewall whenever I want to load up the game. That's how I got it to run and ran into the other problem. It would be much better if I could get it to run with my firewall, however.

    I had been thinking about buying a new video card, but then I got to looking at the specs the game requires and my video card/driver seems to have what is required. The only thing I'm not sure of is the resolution support as I don't know how to check that, but if the resolution was supported I doubt I'd be getting any picture at all, though I could be wrong. Anyone have anymore suggestions?

    Oh and I just installed the new driver for my video card that came out on 8/9 and there is no change in the problem I am having.
  8. Saabre

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    Well I found someone who knew a bit about video cards and they helped me get it working. Thank you everyone who tried to help.
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