Corruption and Flames of The Heckforge skill

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by QuickForYa, May 1, 2012.

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    So basically i have issue with corruption and this skill, dunno if that is a bug but skill is not working as intended. Please note that this is my first playthrough with this skill and i haven't played before. I am now at floor 10th and as you all know in this floor are many Blobs of corruption. Accidentally ran towards one of blobs and he managed to corrupt my two items so after i slew him i checked which items were corrupted, one of them was Boots, those i refreshed first other was pants and unfortunately Heckforge skill won't refresh my second item - pants. Here is screenshot Corrupted pants

    So next, fought some blobs again, then i didn't noticed that one my items are corrupted again, checked only after few turns, turned out that my sword has been corrupted and tried to refresh but guess what it won't refresh it. Here is screenshot Corrupted sword

    Now i have question. Why it's not possible to refresh/clean (call it whatever you want) every item that is corrupted by monster? I know that we can't clean items that already has negative stats.
    Actually i am stuck at floor 10th because of those bloobies they are spawning like demons from hell, knowing that now each item that will be corrupted and tried to clean/refresh with delay it simply won't work anymore.
    Also that action log what is on top is very slow and laggy, it is hard to notice if my equipment is corrupted when action is going on.
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    Hmm. can you upload your save? I know Heckforge has been working weirdly and it could be helpful.

    zip it and upload it to attachment
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    Here you go! I uploaded entire save folder.

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    That's...less helpful. What was the character's name that had this issue?
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    Have you read my op at all? There is two screenshots.

    Also in that folder there is only 2 save games. -.-
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    My bad. :D
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    It's on the todo list.
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