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    Background story

    Mod features and details.
    - Hardcore difficulty(a lot harder than Going Rouge)
    - Hardcore bosses (I find myself unable to fight all mini bosses head on.)
    - Expanded Pocket Dimention(for fun and better storing)
    - Changed "Difficulty selection screen" :)

    Now of we go on details

    - Monster level is boosted by +7 (compared to +3 on Going Rouge)
    - Monster HP per level 12 (9 in GR)
    - Prices in shops are the same as in Going Rouge.
    - Player's HP/SP regen same as in Going Rouge.
    - 90 Traps (75 in Going Rouge)
    - 140 Moves Monster Spawning time (180 in Going Rouge)
    - Additional horde size 4 (3 in GR)
    - Primary/Secondary stats for boss monsters 12/12 (6/8 in GR)
    - Additional boss damage 6 (3 in GR)
    - Gold drop rates are the same as on easy
    - Pocket Dimention is 30x30 size
    - PD has 7 weapon racks to store weapons (I made customblockers passable)

    Pocket dimention is now bigger see above has main hall and 4 chambers.
    Lava chamber - for storing smithing and crafting stuff.
    Water chamber - for alchemy and magic things
    Ice chamber - for cooking and misc things
    Acid chamber - maybe it'll be an arena if I figure out how to spawn monsters in a Pocket dimention without crashing.

    WARNING: This mod is not for those who don't like challenging fights. I don't recommend permadeth :) This mod is not yet fully tested so it maybe really unballanced. I build it with tank warrior in mind, capable of crafting and smithing things for himself. I also used it with my Advanced Craft'nSmelt mod, so I can get metals, crafting materials and more food faster.

    Post here any suggestions and thoughts :)

    Screens and videos

    Unpack into your Dungeons of Dredmor folder.
    To uninstall use backups that come in the archive.

    OmniaNegrum - For this idea was originally his.
    MonsterMod - For his PD room template.

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    Nice idea. Should work with my More Difficult Monsters mod, as I see you did not tweak the monsters themselves, but the global settings. Tempted to play with both mods and go hardcore, but Borderlands is coming out in 2 days...tough call.
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    I just got a crazy idea to actually try playing with your MDM and mine ERR together :)

    Btw if you use Tinkering and/or Smithing try my other mod Advance Craft'n'Smelt it helps a bunch on very tough difficulties, cause you can disassemble pieces of leather or cloth armor and make another(for rouge and magic user chars).

    Oh and thanks for the Pocket Dimention template you made :)
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    Added new video demonstrating that MInibosses can't be killed without some strategy even on Dungeon level 1 and 2
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