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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Essence, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Essence

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    OK, so I want to mod in a class that consumes items to cast spells. From what I can tell, some things are clearly labeled as particular item types in the XML by just giving them empty brackets (i.e. mushrooms all have <mushroom/> in them.)

    Question is, can I create new arbitrary item categories by just adding empty tags in like that? For example, if I want a spell that consumes any given crossbow bolt and casts attack spell for having done so, can I add a <bolt/> tag to all crossbow bolts?

    For that matter, is it even possible to have a "type=item" spell trigger an attack spell?

  2. Null

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    1. I'd seriously doubt that you can add types like that, the tags actually mean something and it wouldn't create new meanings to tags that don't exist. Those tags such as <mushroom/> are for things such as the mushroom randomization spell so it knows to pick from those.
    2. Well you can probably make a pbaoe spell of some sort, but you can't target a space anywhere in the same spell.
  3. Chiko

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    Hmm... I was going to post a request to be able to script something like this. Actually, I would like skills to be able to use a specific item instead. Then my new fleshsmithing skills would work as intended! [​IMG]

    Something like:
    consumeItemName="Cube of Flesh" amount="3"