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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Blind Piper, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. badboy80

    badboy80 Member

    I think I'm going to make the spidersilk pants look like spider-man's pants. It would fit in with that whole web-shooting bow thing.
  2. Fayd

    Fayd Member

    Question: What category would these elementals be? For me, it's a toss up between Demon, which contains spiritual enemies, and elementals are animate spirits of an element, essentially, or Construct, because they probably might look like one.
  3. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    That's tricky, Fayd. Personally I'm torn between "Other" and "Construct", and haven't ever thought they could be daemons. They are kind of like golems, so "Construct" appears to be the choice there, but on the other hand they are just moulds of given material held together by magic, which makes them kinda similar to blobbies (and that monster group has the "Other" taxa).
  4. Werediggler

    Werediggler Member

    Not what I initially had in mind and I would have to change the description a bit, but the thought that all Lawlths gear is just a Spiderman costume is really amusing. Not sure why the proc when work logically with that idea though but then again when is logic used in DoD?
  5. badboy80

    badboy80 Member

    I think it would be stupid to pass up an opportunity to make a web shooter, and spider pants, but not make a spider man reference. if you want me to make it look like regular cobwebby pants that's fine. I think I'll make two versions, and see what people think

    EDIT: Also, could we make a new crafting station thing? It could be used to convert lutefisk into the lutefisk currency
  6. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Yes, we can. Anyone for that idea?
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  7. Werediggler

    Werediggler Member

    I didn't mean I didn't want you to make Spidey-Pants, I think it's great, I was just saying I'd have to redo those things. That part was mainly myself typing what I was thinking.
  8. Werediggler

    Werediggler Member

    I'm all for it, perhaps named the Horadic Lutefisk Converter?
  9. Maverick8187

    Maverick8187 Member

    Yeah, giving the favor crafter its own menu sounds like a good call, keep it from cluttering the others up.
  10. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Well, right now what we can do is to create a scripted room for that. Sort of like a temple, one that would require us to put lutefisk in given places to get the resulting combination item.
    But in the future it just might become possible to get a new crafting menu for that, though the way it is, I don't think it'll be in the next patch, or even the one after it (since the crafting menu is pretty much fixed right now).

    In the meantime, I think we can try to script the rooms and leave the standard crafting recipes for favour items in the game as a form of backup.
  11. Loswaith

    Loswaith Member

    Should be able to manage this with room scripts, I dont see why not. Assuming we dont want it as part of the ingot press.
    I will get started on it (as soon as I get time) as I have been working on room scripts for mimics anyway, so can keep working in that area.
  12. Dray`Gon

    Dray`Gon Member

    Personally, until we can make our own crafting item/page, it might be better to just add it into the Ingot press in my opinion. I've been somewhat frustrated at times not being able to find a shop room or lutefisk god room in the regular game and if you play with smaller floors, there's an even greater chance that such a room won't appear.
  13. Blind Piper

    Blind Piper Member

    I think ingot press should be fine, personally. We could add a room in the future if the screen gets cluttered. If I recall correctly, 1.0.10 is supposed to improve the crafting interface, too.
  14. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    I agree with you there - for the time being it would be better to leave it as a recipe in the press menu. But then again, I just answered whether it's possible or not, not whether I like it or not.
  15. Werediggler

    Werediggler Member

    Well, if we can't make our own crafting system, I agree that we should include it in the press.
  16. Loswaith

    Loswaith Member

    The concern I have with making it a room (I've not tested if its even possible) is that with the rune/vendor rooms each rune is given a specific ID, whether you can use a generic named item (rather than one with a specific ID) for conditionals I cant be certain.
    The ID factor is the only one I can see actualy preventing a room being made to allow crafting otherwise.

    Though todate its much simpler to use the press and other crafting tools and I would hate to waste the work Meat has already put into it.
  17. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    I agree with you. It would probably be a waste of work (though I've seen people throw away a much bigger amount of it away, so I'm not fazed).

    But you can use any other item for that.
  18. Don't mind me. As long as there's a neat little drawer for it in the spreadsheet, it turns me on by virtue of its being quantifiable and organizable.
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  19. Loswaith

    Loswaith Member

    Its worth trying out the scripting anyway to see if it can even be done. If it can it opens up a huge domain of possibilities.

    Edit: I've checked this out using lutefisk, and unless there is some other property I dont know about that the action remove needs, it wont accept a name only an ID, which is something that it set on a specific item when it is spawned. (likely why you can break the rune vendors by stacking runes)
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  20. MrAltamente

    MrAltamente Member

    Damn,,, im so probably late for this...meh nevertheless, i mostly can help with visuals (icons/items mostly) for the mod... i dont have ANY coding experience... Just tell me what to probably make and ill get to it on photoshop :)
    About ideais and stuff... ... (loading).... ... for the moment actually i dont have any -.-'

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