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    So if you watch my short little playthroughs of each release, you'll know they almost always end with me just getting wiped out. I don't think I'm using the military in this game right? Even if I have a full squad, they just all panic once the leader dies or get slaughtered, and then it's the not fun watch of ten minutes of my colony being killed. What's the best way to defend yourself? How do you know how many soldiers that you need to have? How many squads should I have?
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    I only tend to keep two fully staffed redcoat squads (two barracks) and that works out fine for almost any attack. If your NCO is killed, someone is supposed to be promoted and replace them automatically, but I think that feature isn't functioning properly right now. So, it's best to just immediately assign another workgroup to that barracks. They'll be browncoats, but they'll fight well enough.

    As far as guns, right now I only make Leyden pistol lockers because they're hilarious (they set enemies on fire).

    Edit: Just watched your video. Lol yeah, you had yourself a pretty nasty Obeliskian raid. I noticed you did try to reassign the barracks, but probably not fast enough... and I think your other barracks needed to be reassigned too. After that, just watch the fireworks show. You'd have likely taken some loses but came out okay overall.
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