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  1. Are there any specific kinds of colonies anyone wants to create? Style? Industry? Anyone got any really crazy idea's with what they want to try stylistically? For instance I wanna create a colony that resembles a new england style fishing town, with trade coming in from the outside and exporting fish and such. It'll probably be a nice way to run the colony except for the blasted fish people taking the nets... and occasionally the fishermen.
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    You get a colony, you get a directive to fulfil, and you get a full access to your brain along with all of its stored data and malfunctions. Where you go from there depends on you, but I reckon if you want to you'll be able to create a place full of crazy and nothing more; that, and depending on the directive you get you will want to build your colony differently.

    But outside of that, no clue, and to get to know anything you'd probably have to poke Sir Nicholas with a stick.
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  3. Hell Grunt

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    It all depends on the site you pick and how much info the dev team is planning to give to players during site selection. I'm hoping for as close as DF's site selection as possible, if not better.

    After that, just take a good look at the map available (hoping you can scale the size like in DF) and see what kind of industry would be the most sustainable. I do fully intend on having my first colony become the Empire's primary supplier of Armaments though.
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  4. Careful with the weapons factories they tend to be a bit explosive FUN!
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  5. EleSigma

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    My first colony will probably be close to the homeland, self-sufficient, and ultimately be used to trade essentials with my other colonies that will be more distant, non-self sufficient colonies. I look for it to take in parts and raw resources from my distant colonies and produce Weapons, Artillary, Ammo, Containers, Medical Goods, Glassware, Airships, Ships, and Tools of high quality and technology.

    If the colony fails I will keep settling the same spot repeatedly until it succeeds.
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    So you are, in effect, trying to paint yourself insane in the game...

    Because every colony will fall in the end. If not to explosions or sanity loss then to poets or tentacle monsters (I'm not sure which of the latter two is worse, actually; on one hand there's the Kraken and on the other we have Cacophonix).
  7. Mordy

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    Mass industry, taking more then you need from the land.. Pipes, smoke stacks, excess and abusing natural resources. This is the kind of colony i'd like to see.
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  8. Xyvik

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    I've always been drawn to the idea of a quaint fishing village. I would like them to discover rare oysters or whales and then become a boom town overnight, with a processing industry build up and support them. I think it would be cool for them to be the Empire's largest supplier of premier oysters and fish food.

    ((That is, of course, before the horrible horrible things happen and it dies a horrific death...but that's another thread ;)))
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    The devs haven't really given us an indication of what role resources will have in different biomes. It might even be that all biomes are in the map when you start (as opposed to DF style). I can't remember a discussion about the role of having access to different materials (copper, lye, etc). I wonder what type of detail they are planning.

    It makes me think of an ANNA 1602 type game almost..though yeah I hope it is closer to DF (well I mean the controlling of the characters for sure).
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    I think you mean "Anno" there (from the Latin "Anno Domini"), but yeah.
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  11. addictgamer

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    I want to make a progressive colony. First it starts out as a quaint little outpost or village of some sorts. Perhaps my villagers are humble fishermen or trappers. Eventually, as the settlement grows, they start mining. As resources are harvested, an industry grows up. As trade grows, the industry expands and devours the land and various ambitions fill the aristocrats until the colony is a smoking ruin that led itself to its own destruction.

    That's the first colony I want to make. I'll see where I go from there.
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  12. EleSigma

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    I should also add that I'll try to make the colony as much of an urban environment as possible, with gaslamps lining the cobblestone streets with sidewalks (if possible) close knit housing and other structures, housing with gas lighting and other "modern" conveniences. Its destruction and subsequently reclaiming it will make it all the more fun with street battles, door to door tactics, storming the governor's palace and gas explosions.
  13. Has reclaiming been confirmed yet?
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  14. SangerZonvolt

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    Not as far as I know.

    Door to door battles sound nice, even more so since the indicated an at least rudimentary cover system for soldiers (remeber the sand sacks in the blog about military?). I hope there will be invasions of enemy armies into your colonie and you soldiers will fight in an awesome last stand.
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  15. Yeah, combat being slow and all I can imagine battles could have the potential to drag out (in a fun way) and really slowly eat away at the colony as defenses need to keep being set up and buildings trashed. It'd be cool if you could blow holes in the sides of factories and such.
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  16. EleSigma

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    I'm wondering if it will be possible to create things like row housing and other tightly packed buildings? For my urban "jack-of-all-trades" city mentioned above it is what I want to attempt.

    Most of the row housing will be two story small square buildings made of the cheapest materials, probably stone and wood, I might even have windows without glass, opting for wooden shutters instead if I can get away with it. They also will not have any lighting and will have to do with wood/coal stoves and candle/oil lamps which I consider a favor as they won't need to pay the monthly gas bill. :p

    The upper/aristocratic class will, however have three story tall row houses made of the finest carved stone, and glass windows with gas lighting and possibly steam heaters or gas stoves.
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  17. Gorbax

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    Exclusively and cheaply built wooden houses with fire-based heating, in a tightly packed formation.
    I have no idea how that could possibly go wrong, at all! :v
  18. SangerZonvolt

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    Well since you can define the blueprint of the building yourself I don´t see why you shouldn´t be able to put them next to each other. Maybe you have to leave one grid-field between them so the enginge doesn´t explode cuase it tries to render one building into the other, but other than that it should work.

    What I am not sure of is if there will be multiple floors in the buildings, since I haven´t found any pics about that.
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  19. EleSigma

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    Behold this drawing I made of a commoner's house design I have in mind for my colony. It is, like the house will be, a rough drawing. So rough in fact that you can print it off and use it as sand paper.

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  20. Kazeto

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    That's not a commoner's house, good sir. That's a tool shack.
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