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  1. If coffee was modded into the game, what would it do? I think it would be like the opposite of booze, maybe increasing melee power or something.
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    Well, I know what I would do with it. I would use it in conjunction with the Star Lawyer mod to become Godot. :p

    I don't know about melee power, I think thematically it would give more rogue-ish stats, (Nimbleness, dodge, EDR, counter) since it makes you more awake, but if you were trying to make it for warriors, melee power and things like that would be good.
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  3. Maybe coffee would enhance rougishness, and something else could enhance warriorness (maybe steroids :p ).
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    ...and Adderall would boost wizardry.
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    Places a 1/1 hungry buff with a duration that boosts, say, Nimbleness. Booze restores mana, so coffee would obviously drain it, with some sort of upside.
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    Coffee does not drain mana. I know you meant no offense, but I was very tempted to insult you quite rudely for the blasphemy about the most sacred of beverages. :mad:
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    Coffee is said to help a hangover, so it only makes sense.
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    Coffee also increases alertness and people drinking Coffee are universally more intellectual while they drink it than while not drinking it. I cannot understand how anyone would think that Coffee would be a bad thing in any way. (And yes, I capitalize Coffee everywhere at all times.)
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    Yeesh, Omni.

    I dig the idea of further status effects. We can regenerate health and mana on the fly, let's push base stats. Nimbleness would be good, especially for those playing a heavy Warrior who could use a few dodge points.
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    should be if you had several copies of the drunk coffee buff, you lose it and gain a erratic (or whatever it is)buff that causes your character to move a block at the end of each turn for a while.
    if were going for the what coffee can do thing here.
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    All I know about this topic is that in the new Civ 5 xpac, coffee houses increase your great person generation rates. AKA Coffee is a prime ingredient in making people awesome.
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    Bumping. I had the idea for this the other day: making a Coffeemancer skill mod. Increases reflex-based stats like Dodge chance, crit chance, block, haywire, and such while decreasing sneakiness.

    A Coffeemancer would start out with a Caffeinated buff with the above stats that lasts a long while (50 - 100 turns or so depending on the strength of the drink), but you get a Caffeine Withdrawal debuff when you're not caffeinated (-1 sight radius, penalties to life regen/mana regen, -2 Nimbleness and Caddishness, etc). So you can drink coffee to make yourself more effective in combat, but your downside is that you have to drink caffeine constantly to keep your buffs. Higher levels of Coffeemancer would let you stay caffeinated for longer and give better buff stats, but would increase the withdrawal symptoms as well. Add in one or two points of Alchemy as a stat boost on various levels to help with making more delicious coffee-related beverages.

    With these additions would come the idea that non-Coffeemancers would get a lesser version of these buffs without the withdrawal symptoms. For implementation we could just have buffs that scale off of your Coffeemancer skill level, with minor buffs to non-mancers and bigger buffs as you put points into it. Caffiene Withdrawal would get more and more debuff-y the longer it remains active.

    We can add recipes to the Still that brew coffee and coffee-related beverages. Make them hidden recipes for the non-Coffee folk, and reveal one recipe per skill level for Coffeemancers, much like Clockwork Knight works now.

    As an added bonus are all the in-jokes about coffee that already exist in the gaming world, references to Java the programming language, violent mood swings, and other fun stuff. Here's now I see the skill tree going out:

    COFFEEMANCER: Your body has grown accustomed to the benefits (and drawbacks) of caffeine addiction.
    • Level 1 (Coffee Enthusiast): +1 to Caffeine Addiction (CA). Permanent Caffeine Withdrawal debuff that gets stronger with CA level and only goes away when Caffeinated. Slightly stronger buffs from drinking caffeinated beverages. Start with the Cuppa Joe drink recipe, three random caffeinated beverages, an Ingot Grinder, and a Porta-Still. Adds the passive ability Coffee Sniffer: 5% chance to drop coffee beans when you kill a vegetable.
    • Level 2 (Caffeine Hound): +1 CA, +1 Alchemy. Get the recipe for the Expresso Espress drink.
    • Level 3 (Java Junkie): +1 CA. Get the recipe for Digglatte. Adds another level of Coffee Sniffer.
    • Level 4 (Brewmeister): +1 CA, +1 Alchemy. Get the recipes for Double-Brewed drinks. Adds the ability Transubstantiative Brewistry: Can transmute any alcoholic beverage into a random coffee.
    • Level 5 (Caf-fiend): +2 CA. Get the recipe for Aqua Java, the purest caffeine drink. Adds third level of Coffee Sniffer, allowing beans to drop more often.
    NEW ITEMS: We'd have to add the following to the game:
    • Coffee items:
      • Coffee Beans: dropped randomly when you have the Coffee Sniffer perk (There's coffee here somewhere, I can smell it!). Must be ground in an Ingot Grinder to brew. Can be eaten raw for a small caffeine boost in a pinch.
      • Coffee Grounds: Crafted in an Ingot Grinder from Coffee Beans. Higher Alchemy level produces more grounds per unit of beans. It's an extra crafting step, but this will give higher-level players more materials to work with, much like bolts do with Tinkering.
      • Cuppa Joe: Basic coffee drink. Brewed from one coffee grounds.
      • Undecaf: Higher-potency coffee. Brewed from two Cuppa Joe.
      • Expresso Espress: High-potency beverage, from three coffee grounds.
      • Digglatte: Brewed from Diggle Egg and Expresso Espress.
      • Double-shot Digglatte: Diggle Egg and two Expresso Espress.
      • Aqua Java: Brewed from Expresso Espress, Mud Wen, and an Empty Flask.
    • Combo items:
      • Coffee Cake: food plus caffeine. Made in a smelter from two coffee grounds and a sliced bread. Restores 25 health and gives a Cuppa-Joe level caffeine boost.
      • Irish Coffee: At a still, Undecaf plus Miz-Stizzik's Bourbon. Mana boost plus caffeine.
    CONSIDERATIONS: I'd still want to add some kind of active attack spell, even if it was a low-level thing. The length of the Caffeinated buff would have to balance out so that the Coffeemancer gets great bonuses for a time, but it requires efficient use of turns and careful managing of coffee resources to keep yourself caffeinated all the time. Balance, always balance. Suggestions? If I put this into a mod, how feasible would it be with the things I've laid out here?
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  13. One obvious problem with what you've got is that you can't make Ingot Grinder recipes work off of alchemy (the skill the recipe uses is set by the item in question)

    I think it would be possible, but it might take some script wrangling to make the variable length buffs work, or possibly a slight redesign to make the scripts all work out? Not quite sure, someone who's more experienced will have to answer that.

    (Also if you're proc-ing the craft materials on hit there's really no need for a step to double how much you have; you can just adjust the spawn rates from the proc. That said, grinding coffee into coffee beans does fit flavorwise really well.)
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    That would work: just one recipe in the grinder for making coffee grounds. Basically the extra step was there to make sure that higher levels of Coffeemancer get more beans per kill than unskilled folk, but I'll just change the next step down: I'll have a "vegetable kill" proc with a set percentage chance, and each level of Coffeemancer just adds one more chance of it happening. Like Perception does, with Lucky Finds. Easy enough.

    I did some groundwork for how the mod would be laid out: items and recipes shouldn't be tough at all, and I'm working on artwork for that. I'm still wondering how we might make a buff scale with your skill level, though. Thanks for pointing these out, I'll get to work on it!
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    clicked this thread expecting some sort of dredmor sex simulation.
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    No love for Baristacrat?
  17. Well I don't know if triggers can actually check specific skill levels? But your best bet would be to make coffee products trigger a coffee buff, which then triggers another set of buffs based on some state about your character, which you scale based on level. Ideally that would just straight up check to see which the highest skill you have is, but I'm not entirely sure that's doable.

    You MIGHT be able to do something convoluted with consumeBuff (or the drink only version) to make it so your skills trigger a "Oh god please let that be coffee" buff or something when you drink anything, and have the drink buff check for that, although that might involve some weird stuff with timing; I'm not entirely sure how consumeBuff works.

    Erm, the mod I'm currently working on does something vaguely similar, in that there's a set of weapons that have a proc that changes/scales based on which stance-style buff you have up (which it does by having the items trigger a spell that goes and triggers another spell depending on your buff--or not at all if you don't have one up.)

    You could probably do something like that too (have like, a line of "Coffee Fueled" or "Craving Coffee" abilities or something that give a small buff, and power up coffee buffs, but also trigger worse withdrawal when those wear off. Though this would let you eventually wean off your addiction (if you wait until the withdrawal wears off, then use a lower level coffee fueled buff or not at all) which maybe isn't desireable?

    You could also probably have withdrawal count as coffee fueled buffs though, so you have to wait until the withdrawal is all the way gone? Not entirely sure. That or I guess once the caffeine crash wears off you could retrigger coffee cravings? Does this make any sense? Either to you or more experienced modders who know how to do this stuff?
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    Didn't know about this one, thanks for bringing it up. My mod will focus more on coffee as a beverage, and offer more drinks, less "coffee shop" subculture but more caffeine-related goodness. The two shouldn't overlap very much.

    TSED himself admitted in the thread that he doesn't drink coffee:
    So I don't think I'll be stepping on any toes here. Still, it's good to be sure.

    After sniffing around the code and the in-game spellDB and reading the suggestions here, it sounds like making a buff scale with skill levels will be a royal pain in the ASCII. I'll redo some things to make it so that different beverages give different bonuses, and coffeemancers will instead have the ability to get rid of their caffeine crash much faster with an activated ability. Regular players will have access to coffee beverages, but only through vending machines and Brax; they could potentially find the recipes from bookshelves, but Coffeemancers would be the only group capable of getting a steady supply of coffee beans.

    To justify the extra step of putting your beans through an Ingot Grinder to make coffee grounds, I've made coffee grounds a reagent and nothing more. Beans, on the other hand, count as food and so will restore a small amount of HP and give a similarly small caffeine bonus when eaten, with no withdrawal symptoms.
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    I love the idea of a coffeemod whether its a coffeemancer or just items i love it
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    Call it John Coffey. Like the drink, only not spelled the same.