Clockwork Knights 2.5

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Ruigi, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Yes well driving the developers crazy is not a good idea because they are the developers. Asking for your specific thing for one mod is incredibly egotistical. This thread does not belong to any developers and asking Ruigi to implement what you know needs new code is utterly useless.
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    Believe me when i say that the developers have more important things they could be worrying about.
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    I edited to remove my post entirely. But Ruigi has quoted it, so I am striking it through instead. It seems my humor is not always as transparent as I thought.

    I *Do* like the game, and as a result I like the developers. I do not want to cause them any headaches. To put it simply, the above was meant as sarcasm. I did not *Know* that about the ammo used being restricted to bolts, but I suspected it had to be that way. I am aware that this makes me a liar for saying I know when I did not. I will burn in Diggle Hell for this surely.

    Please for future references, do not take me seriously unless what I am saying does not sound like a very rude thing to say.

    And finally, I am very sorry for the confusion. I will go play GRPD with the worst set of skills I can imagine as penance. (Using the Radiant Wizard mod and all melee skills. No-armor restriction too. Each death will be the first level, and I will die badly no doubt.)

    Furthermore I will eat every Root of T'Char as soon as I can get my transparent glowy hands on it. Then I will die badly.
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  4. Lol. :D You go girl.. er.. dude. ;) If your 'that' concerned on how you have come across to people, go toss up a statement in the Introduction thread. You'll get some feedback if anyone cares. ;) One of the things new DoD'rs tend to do, and I'm guilty of it, is come into the community and be all excited in some aspect. Have ideas, spout them but not be experienced enough to really know how those ideas are perceived (in context) or would effect the game.

    Anyways... to get a bit back On Topic. CK is one of the Top Notch long standing DoD mods and a great for those who want to expand on the crafting systems.
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    Thanks. I have done just that.
    *Edit* Look at the time before smashing my few remaining teeth in with a Diggle Corpse. I made that post before I came here and made an ass of myself.

    Clockwork Knights is loaded every last time I play. I consider it even more essential than the mods that have the word "Essential" in the mod name. (No offense Essence.) And honestly, most times I never take the skill. (Nor any crafting at all.) CK is that good. :)
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    None taken, i do the same thing ;)

    That should be sigged by someone.
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    Oh Hell... No-one will ever pay any attention to me again now. :)
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    The lastest version of this mod crashed the game when I found the recipe for something called the wand of transmogrification. Any details on this or has this been encountered yet?
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    Knallis, what version are you playing? The wand/bookshelf crash should be resolved in 1.0.10
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    Two words: Clockwork Diggles.

    'Nuff said. :)
    (In case anyone misunderstands, I am speaking of adding new monsters. Clockwork Diggles that are like Arch-Diggles of Borg or somesuch nonsense.)
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    which version of the mod or which version of dredmor? I downloaded the mod version 2.5 as on the first post of this topic.
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    I can't figure out how to download it at all. It goes to some google docuement page which lists all the contents of the mod but when I press download it shows a huge string where "Cloclkwork" should be and it won't download.
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    NM! It won't work for the link you provided but it does dload from the standard one on this page.
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    How about Elemental Clockwork Ravagers? Then extend the idea with Rocket Propelled Elemental Clockwork Ravagers... Then...

    How about strap-on Elemental Rocket Propelled Clockwork Ravager Launchers as armor? No sick jokes please. I am not kidding. Let them proc 50% and that would make it useful for a few crazy people like myself.

    The way I see it there should be almost no game where you have materials to craft into stuff, but nothing left to make that would be worthwhile.
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    I found some invalid values in your XML. I don't know if it's causing problems with DoD, but it seems likely. It's definitely causing problems with my DoD XML parser.

    I found four items in your itemsDB.xml that have an invalid value for the artifact attribute. They each have artifact="1="

    <item name="Clockwork Thunderclap" iconFile="items/mace_clockwork_thunderclap.png" level="10" artifact="1=" type="2" special="1">
    <item name="Clockwork Drill Lance" iconFile="items/staff_clockwork_drill_lance.png" level="9" artifact="1=" type="3">
    <item name="Clockwork Tesla Rod" iconFile="items/mace_clockwork_tesla_rod.png" level="9" artifact="1=" type="2">
    <item name="Pearl Avenger" iconFile="items/sword_pearl.png" level="10" artifact="1=" type="0">
    Also, it would be cool if you put the mod folders directly in the zip file instead of inside another folder named "Clockwork Knights" inside the zip file. I'm sure you know that DoD mods have zip file support now, but your zip is not compatible. I've had it "installed" for a long time but never noticed that it's not working because I assumed the zip would work as-is! :)
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    oddly, enough, i don't think that little error has caused any real problems.
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    I wonder, though, if the game actually treats them as artifacts. I would assume not. I can imagine the code treats the attribute value as a string and compares it as such: if ( artifactAttribute.Value = "1" ){ //treat as artifact } Having a value of "1=" would fail that test.