Cleaner Mini-Map

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    Here's a tiny little mod that just makes the mini-map a little bit easier to read. Download Link

    What it does:
    • Teleporter icons are smaller and obscure less of the mini-map.
    • When quest monsters die, they become just a single red pixel on the mini-map.
    • If you're running 1.0.10, Bookshelves become a single pixel on the mini-map once you've used them. (In the YHTNTEP DLC Beta, they don't appear at all on the mini-map regardless of whether you've used them or not.)
    • Possibly, in 1.0.10, it might make uberchests that you have opened and emptied turn into a single pixel. There's files in the main game for emptied uberchests on the minimap, and I replaced them with a pixel. The YHTNTEP DLC Beta does not currently use those files, and doesn't change pictures when you take the item out of the uberchest. IIRC, 1.0.10 does, but I'm not 100% on that, and still need to test it.
    The Cleaner Mini-Map Mod does not use the mod-loader, and replaces some default files.

    To install:
    1. Unzip the downloaded zip.
    2. Back-up the "ui/icons" folder from your Dredmor main game files, just in case you decide this mod isn't for you.
    3. Put the enclosed alternate "icons" folder (from the zip) inside the "ui" folder of the main game.

    To uninstall:
    1. Drag the original "icons" folder (the one you backed-up) into the "ui" folder of the main game.