Civilization Online (???)

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    I know that there are other Civilization players here, so I figured that I'd post this. I haven't even decided myself what to make of it -- is this project doomed which was my first impression, or as I later reconsidered it, is there some possible way that this can actually work and be fun? I still have my doubts, but it should be interesting to watch, even if it crashes and burns.;Slot6
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    The fact that it's made by a korean company and targeting korea suggests to me it'll be that very specific style of K-RPG the country seems to produce - games like Ragnarok Online, Dungeon Fighter, and Tera. IE: Nothing like Civ. Especially as they say in the article "we're bringing civ to MMOs rather than the other way around".

    The session based MMO thing sounds kind of interesting and is something I've always wanted to see, but based on what I'm reading I'm not expecting this to be much more than a grindy quest-based MMO with Civ dressing - ESPECIALLY seeing as it's planned for a korea-only release in the short term.
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