ALPHA 49B Chapel-nagging seems to start a bit early.

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Cyjack, Apr 7, 2016.

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    For a building that requires a chemical workshop, which requires ceramics for bricks (building), glass (workbench) , which requires sand that may or may not be available until you build a mine, colonists seem to start nagging you for a chapel awfully early.

    I'm assuming there are or will be negative repercussions for failing to follow through and build one. Not only that the but the entire nag/fail cycle seems to complete awfully quickly. I'm pretty sure I had the entire cycle run through twice while I was actually in the process of building the chapel.

    Having lacquered planks require a chemical workshop seems a bit contrived. They seem like something that should be producible in a carpentry shop if the carpenter has access to lacquer, a fairly common item.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    The event is probably going to get a rework eventually due to some planned feature stuff, but yeah, it's definitely not early game feasible at the moment. I'll push the timing forward for the next build since that's an easy stopgap.