Windows XP Certain Tomes hit the player

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Shwqa, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Shwqa

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    I decided to create a tome wielding unarmed hero. It was working really well until I got the Malleus Maleficarium which does 2+(.55*magic power) damage in an 2 square wide AOE on melee. I thought this was supposed to casted around me, but it cast the spell around my opponent! This leaves my opponent completely unharmed and me 10+ damage each time I do a melee hit. I then found the King in Yellow tome which does the same effect.
  2. J-Factor

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    Fortunately Universal Principles more than makes up for the lackluster/buggy earlier tomes.
  3. Good find though, Shwqa; I don't think anyone caught this bug before.
  4. r_b_bergstrom

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    I had noticed this on just The King In Yellow, and assumed it was intended behavior. Basically, I thought it was the tome equivalent of Verdant Poison and the various Alchemy Acids - an amusing trap to possibly cost you a character the first time you experimented with it.

    I mean, if it were a game of Call of Cthulhu and my character was insistent on hauling a copy of The King In Yellow around with him and hitting people over the head with it, or god forbid actually read a page or two of it, I'd expect the GM to have it warp and damage me.... if the GM was being unusually nice to his players.
  5. jadkni

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    Hitting someone with the King in Yellow sounds like just about the best idea one could possibly have.

    Save for tossing it at them. I wonder how that would play out.

    (edit for actually being something close to on-topic) I was disappointed to find this out too, the idea for the tomes is pretty cool but a number don't really "work" for unarmed melee characters because of this.
  6. Shwqa

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    I managed to get to floor 11 with a universal principles and Diary of the Whills, I haven't died yet but things are very slow

    Berserker Rage
    Artful Dodge
    Master of Arms
    Killer Vegan
  7. Nicholas

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    ... fixing this for 1.0.10.
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  8. MrVoila

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    So it's now 1.0.11, unless I'm missing an update. Is the issue with tomes hitting the player supposed to be fixed/tweaked? I'm not sure of what the plans were, but the King in Yellow still hits the player pretty hard. Is that acting as it should?
  9. Daynab

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    It seems as the King in Yellow necro "splash" is intended but I'm not 100% sure. I'll ask David when he's around.
  10. OmniaNigrum

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    I thought TKiY was intended. If it is really giving you trouble we can show you how to change it to not effect you. (But that would technically be cheating if it is intended. Your call either way.)
  11. MrVoila

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    No, if it's intended, that's fine. My trouble is determining which effects in-game are intended. If I can get a for sure answer, that would be just fine.
  12. Nicholas

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    I know David looked over the Tomes and did things to them, but I couldn't tell you if they're useful things or not. Are any of the tomes still clobbering the player?
  13. Daynab

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    The King in Yellow is.